Interview with 3uma (2011)

Georgy Glau: Hi there! You’re the new member of our team so nearly nobody knows what type of person you are. Let’s reveal it — some word about yourself please.

3uma: Alexey Kurochkin as known as “3uma” and I live and work in Yaroslavl (250 km of Moscow, Russia), hi! Design is my current occupation. I’m 27, married and I have a daughter — Marusya :)

Georgy Glau: Great! It is said you have at least two places of work — tell us about them.

1. Fireman
2. "Elf" — television advertisement studio. I’m in charge of graphics, arrangement, etc.

Georgy Glau: Save lives – that impresses. What is it like? Aren’t you scared?

3uma: No, I’m not. To skate and break your nose — eah, that is horrible. Do something constantly and you used to do it automatically.

Georgy Glau: What is the reference point of your ardour for the moviemaking and all this stuff?

3uma: I’ve decided to make a movie but didn’t know how. So I visited and asked one of your teammates about Fraps usage, it was quite long ago. He was gloomy with me, so I got angry at him a little bit! But finally not long ago I was taking part in translation some Motorola video, so… I really have to thank that guy, it is he who prompted me the occupational choice.

Georgy Glau: Hell eah :) Right now you’re a student of RealTime School (Russian Computer Graphics school situated in Moscow). Tell us about it in details please. What is it like? Is it really useful and worth it?

3uma: The studio I work for paid for my education. As for residence, transportation, booze — all these cost me 40’000 rubles (~1’000 euro) in Moscow. Information at RealTime’s site is a simple truth: everything is great.

Andrey Doronin is our Cinema 4D tutor. He’s an expert and the only one who has Maxon certificate to give lectures for the course. 50 hours per week, but 70 in fact :)

We had eagerness to study. Began at 10:00 AM and part at night without our tutor. All the students work as graphics artists. One girl was working for the TNT (Russian TV channel) design department, some broadcast designers from Scream School, one art director from some Belorussian TV channel. I maintain friendly relations with them. Helpful relations, great and interesting guys. Solicitous and reverent attitude to students at school. I was taking basic course: modelling, 3D scenes, animation, visualization… We covered everything. Many information. I saved at least couple of years.

At the end of the course I was given certificates by Maxon and RealTime.

Right now I’m studying “Nuke” thoroughly, believe it will be useful for the compose work as one of the powerful editors. Seminars, video projects of “Avatar” landscape and different scenes from other movies produced an impression on me, I have to study it!

Georgy Glau: Why did you choose CS:S as a moviemaking platform? What’s about something new with other video games?

3uma: I just began with CS:S and didn’t pay attention to anything else. I tried CS 1.6: nice dynamics and graphics is not such important to me in it. Wanna make a CS 1.6 movie too, eah.

Georgy Glau: Would be awesome. Plans in common and in our team?

3uma: As for the team: tutorials and FX instruction, experience sharing. Some dudes making their movies in the name of MN really ravish me, so I hope to gain something from you too.

As for life plans, they look rather dimly, but I’m arrogant man.

Georgy Glau: Thank you for the talk and good luck!

3uma: Thank you for your time!



Georgy Glau
10th of April, 2011

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