HLAE 2.122.0

HLAE 2.122.0 (2021-10-23T16:24Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.101.0 (2021-10-23T16:24Z).
  • Updated translations, thank you translators!
  • Updated installer FFMPEG latest download (https://github.com/BtbN/FFmpeg-Builds/releases/tag/autobuild-2021-09-30-12-28).

AfxHookSource 1.101.0 (2021-10-23T16:24Z)

  • Added mirv_calc vecAng collisionClip that allows to push towards the source point an nother point, based on 5 rays to check for collisons with level or other stuff (#713). Recommend is safeZoneDist of 7 units (7*12/16 inch) for pushing cameras.
  • Fixed #714 AGR command interface, and viewmodels in TF2.
  • Added optional (default is currently OFF, in case there are bugs) mirv_pov player latency compensation to make GOTVs with mirv_pov a bit more accurate. You can enable it with: mirv_cfg mirvPov interpCompensateLatencyOn, disable with mirv_cfg mirvPov interpCompensateLatencyOff, default with mirv_cfg mirvPov interpDefault. This feature has been / is being developed thanks to input and ideas from David Durst (https://davidbdurst.com/).
  • Merged afx-interop-v7 branch into current branch. This should not neagtively affect existing afx_interop features (up to v6, v7 is still under developement), in case you find (new) problems with it, please file a bug report.

` // Example config for collisionClip

mirv_calcs handle add localPlayer localPlayer20211023 mirv_calcs handle add observerTarget observerTarget20211023 localPlayer20211023

mirv_calcs vecAng add handleAttachment facemaskOrigin20211023 observerTarget20211023 facemask mirv_calcs vecAng add value faceMaskOffset20211023 100 0 0 0 0 179.9 mirv_calcs vecAng add offset facemaskSource20211023 facemaskOrigin20211023 faceMaskOffset20211023 1 mirv_calcs vecAng add collisionClip facemask20211023 facemaskSource20211023 facemaskOrigin20211023 observerTarget20211023 10.0

spec_mode 5; mirv_cam source calcVecAng facemask20211023 `

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