HLAE 2.111.0

HLAE 2.111.0 (2021-03-13T13:03Z) Included AfxHookGoldSrc 2.11.0 (2021-03-13T13:03Z). Included AfxHookSource 1.93.1 (2021-03-13T13:03Z).

AfxHookGoldSrc 2.11.2 (2021-03-13T13:03Z) * Added mirv_agr command for GoldSrc. Known problems: Some special effects on models (e.g. the distortion on the hologram or left-handed models) will not be accurate, because they can't be accurately represented in AGR version 5.
Tested with Blender Source Tools 3.1.0, afx-blender-scripts 1.12.1, Crowbar 0.71.
Please note when using games with hires models (e.g. Half-Life single player regardless of cl_himodels, Half-Life multiplayer with cl_himodels 1), you will need to make sure to extract the right models, otherwise you will get broken results! If hires models are used decompile lowres version (e.g. valve/models) first and on-top of that decompile hires models (e.g. valve_hd/models).

AfxHookSource 1.93.1 (2021-03-13T13:03Z) * Minor cosmetic code structure changes related to AGR.

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