HLAE 2.59.0

HLAE 2.59.0 (2019-01-25T19:18Z)

  • Included AfxHookSource 1.48.0 (2019-01-25T19:18Z).

AfxHookSource 1.48.0 (2019-01-25T19:18Z) Fixed long .cam files causing low FPS, due to always seeking from beginning of the file for each query.
It will now seek forward and backward (new) as required and also will try to jump to the beginning of the file if time is earlier or equal to the start time.
Changed the mirv_calcs vecAng offset [breaking change, but should not break most real setups]:
The last argument is now order 0|1, where 1 is the same as the old 1 mode and 0 changed (rarely used if at all):
0 (changed) - rotation is applied first and offset added from the new space.
1 (old) - offset is applied in old space and after that rotation is applied.
Add the following handle calcs to mirv_calcs: localPlayer, observerTarget Add the following vecAng calcs to mirv_calcs: add, subtract, motionProfile2 (rotation behvaiour might change), swichtInterp, localToGlobal, globalToLocal + Some bug fixes. * Added basic Insurgency2 32bit version game support.
It is not known if -insecure is enough, SO DO NOT JOIN ANY SERVERS, also might be a good idea to turn off the Battle Eye client or even un-install it first.
Use custom loader:
Program Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\insurgency2\insurgency.exe
CommandLine: -insecure
DLLs to Inject: add AfxHookSource.dll from latest HLAE extracted install there.

Thanks to https://twitter.com/onoderasecurity and Unkwn. from Discord for helping with Insurgency.

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