MovieNations is getting back on the trail and starts to improve old features and add new ones.
But we don't really want to come up with a lot of advertisement on our website (tho we will have some indeed). Thus we open Donate page.

Everything you drop us here will go for the website needs. Contests, hosting, prizes and so on.

Atm our only goal is this very project and we will be happy if you help us.

Apart from being cool and pretty much proud of urself that you helped us, a sponsor will get an achievement in profile comparable to donate amount. Also for boys and girls with big hearts who donate a lot we will do something special. Maybe a frontpage shoutout or a fragmovie, who knows? Find it our urself!

Below are the links via which you can send things that may help us. Don't hesitate send even a cent, every coin helps!

[email protected]
MasterCard: 5469 3800 2579 7753