Mini-interview with Oui (2009)


Georgy Glau: Hello Oui!

Hi =)

Georgy Glau: Tell us some words about you and what are you doing?

I'm a student of 2 schools. One is Cinema School on Editors profile and second is Advertising School. Beside movies I interested neuro-linguistic programming and extreme sports. What can I say about me... I'm entertaining, incredible, nice guy. In free time I always do the same thing... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! And I love lollipops! : D

Georgy Glau: What association u have with word "Russia"?

Da, Niet, Vodka, Kalashnikov! And a lot's of laugh on ventrillo, haha

Georgy Glau: Why you join MovieNations? Not other moviemaking studio?

Because cheb told me that I'll get my own sexy Russian girl... So I think it's a good deal :D

Georgy Glau: Favourite movie/moviemaker? Why?

Heh, my favourite movie is my movie - Lollipops. I'm lovin' it! It reminds me good times with my friends and that gaming is fun. There are many awsome movies but only mine makes my heart happy =)

Georgy Glau: Tell some words about your Illusion-Pictures contest project.

I started 3rd time in Illusion-Pictures contest. Two times I was on the 2nd place so it's nice but this time I want be the BEST! Heh.. but I need some help from viewers so please vote for me in next days! haha :D Movie is called 'chocolate', it is in a dark evil climat. The most important thing for me was syncing so movie is fast by cuts but also slow by the song style. There are no any Uber_Plazma_Star_of_Death effects but don't be disappointed! Thanks to my friend FiK which helps me a lot with my vision of movie and insane actions on untypical maps (de_chateau, de_blue, de_esl_autumn, de_piranesi etc.) movie is very fresh and enjoyable. You will love it!

Georgy Glau: Thank you!

You're welcome! By dint of this situation I want to greet FiK, Mary and slize... Yes this one from 'I am slize' hahaha :D


Georgy Glau
30th of September, 2009