Counter-Strike: GO
1 min, 55 sec
ZZ Barabulyko, 15.08.2016
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Помимо того, что видео имеет комедийное направление, оно было сделано, чтобы дать новичкам несколько основных советов по игре, о которых многие, как правило хе-хе, забывают.Я надеюсь, это видео им поможет, и они не забудут, что Я показал. Я правда думаю, что не забудут. Наверное...

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Apart from being a comedy content this video was designed to give newcomers some basic advices on gameplay which most of them tend to forget. Well I hope it will help. And they won't forget what I showed. I truly hope. I think....

If u want a movie or a cool SFM animations contact me via e-mail ;)
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    ZZ Barabulyko 17 Aug 2016 12:00 replied to Vasilisa That was not intended
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    GB Vasilisa 17 Aug 2016 10:33 replied to Barabulyko Barabulyko, it is the best response to my comment on this site, well done, dude! But u made me feel upset :C
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    ZZ Barabulyko 16 Aug 2016 03:54 *evilsmilingfacewithhorns*
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    GB Vasilisa 16 Aug 2016 00:01 What have I just watched? What was it? - A miracle creation,btw? Dude, it seems, that you gone crazy, in a good way, ofc. It is absolutely worth seeing! Unpredictable development of events in the movie! INSANITY :D Better to respond to my comment *evilsmilingfacewithhorns*.
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    RU Georgy Glau 15 Aug 2016 22:35 Barabulyko the best!