Week #2016-34 (starts : 22.08.2016)
Fight pUUUh CutSmokey
Week #2016-33 (starts : 15.08.2016)
Fight Purple retrokwin
Fight DOZ rexy
Fight sLck Дмитрий Заитов
Week #2016-31 (starts : 01.08.2016)
Fight retrokwin Дмитрий Заитов


Some people say 1.6 is dead... And it's indeed true.
Yet even tho game is dead, it still echoes through the time till nowadays. And the movie which you are about to see is one of the greatest echo waves you'v seen for a while.

New work by CN aHem, great editor of China. Enjoy!

We present you a teaser for our new project MN Demos.
If you want to help us to grow up, feel free to upload this teaser to your channel (download).

MovieNations feels for its moviemakers needs and presents you a thing that a game moviemaker needs in first place.

Meet the MN Demos!

MN Demos is a separate channel with fragshows featuring unique demos that aren't met at other similar projects. Fragshows will be uploaded on weekly basis featuring wide variety of actions to fit every moviemaker's choice for editing. If you feel like your demo is OSUM and deservers to be in a great movie then make sure to submit to MovieNations! But make sure it will be exclusive to us only.

We already have a fragshow ready for you, featuring demos from Luca fragmove of Panace4 so enjoy and stay tuned!

Tomorrow starts Week #34 of Pride Battles.
As you already know you can win skins now. This time winner gets this fancy Red Line AK.

We are happy to introduce you the Abacus II from inclement.
First part was made 2 years ago and it was about CSS but this time inclement step it up and released CS:GO movie.
So enjoy some great action packed with dope music!

We present you the newest work from our member RU panace4. A word from him:

Sup guyz! I present you a new clip with song I used before.
Big thanks goes to impegz, mauser, rav, bbsha, kest and whole MN.

Stay tuned as there is more to come!

Games may change, styles may vary, teams may shuffle, but editor won't go.

Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Day of Defeat...
Hazard Cinema, Sparkles Prod, Reason TV...

Welcome a young man but an old editor - Hungary mauser!

Here comes the battle!

From now on Pride will have rewards. We gona start from CS:GO and award winners with skins from the game. For now prises won't be really great but if the quality of movies on Pride will rise we will surely increase the reward quality!

The movie-winner of week #33 will get the AWP Elite Build!


A new clip is presented by RU westracer, who is famous for his ingenuity. His latest work was a Fallout-theme clip and now he brings us a 360° neo-noir movie.

Must see!

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