Week #2016-21 (starts : 23.05.2016)
Fight Nelon Jevgenijs Ceplišs
Week #2016-15 (starts : 11.04.2016)
Fight etappcnah Darlimon
Week #2016-11 (starts : 14.03.2016)
Fight peone Falko


Undeadz the mighty decided to not delay the inevitable and finally released the CS:GO movie. Enjoy the masterpiece!

The summer is coming and as usual at this time the so cold Blizzard announce the-e-e-e Blizzcon!

You might be wondering like "Hey, Bara wtf, how is that competition connected to us?" Well apart from sewing and drawing contest there is also a movie contest! "But, Bara the last year winner "Heroes of Store" was made in real life!" Well take a look at 2nd(The Garrison) and 3rd(Level 3 Raider) place. Both of that movies were made compeltly on the game engine! So open your C4D or 3Ds or SFM and go! Create something as cool as blizzard next addon announcment film!

There are not much rules known yet and that's all we got:

  • Length under 3 minutes
  • Size of movie-file under 100mb

As soon as there will be some changes we will make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

Original link on the contest

With the death of promod, many of the moviemakers gave it up and left our community for a better hobby\work. Yet some great or may I say grand moviemakers decided to stay and switch to something else. And one of those guys was Impegz.

Maybe his choice of Quake Live may seem weird to you but hey have you watched the movie? When I first took a glimpse on it I was completly captured by movie. During the movie I had many questions and the biggest one was HOW with many variations. Right after the end I had a strong wish to download the Quake and try it myself. To catch the railgun's projectiles with my own face to fail the rocket jump many times and whine that strafing was easier. If you have the same feelings afterwards than I am pretty much sure that Impegz is doing hell of a great job.

But enough of insignificant talks. Just watch it yourself and you will understand (:

Meet Clockwork 4!

One more moviemaker joins us.
Meet RU Alght and his fresh CS:GO clip called Definition.

New release from our team – conceptual movie Nuclear Strike by RU westracer.
Check this Fallout atmosphere!

A CoD4 moviemaker, impegZ, joins us. You can know him as a winner of our MN Contest #3.
Check his latest movies:  DEAD NIGHT and  113SECONDSofFURY.


We are presenting a new movie which was made by our member Googler.

 Segway 3

Meet a new member of our team, Redic.
Also check his amazing latest clip called  Dark Wars.

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