Old CS had a crucial feature, which was allowing you to record a stream with separate HUD of gameplay.
Unfortunately this feature couldn't be transferred to CS:GO but RU Barabulyko thought that's it's still viable for moviemaking and together with Germany ripieces made a tutorial on how record separate stream for CS:GO HUD.
Please, enjoy!

CS:GO Separate HUD Stream (Vegas Pro)
CS:GO Separate HUD Stream (After Effects)

"Finally! MovieNations contest! What you mean, not MN #4?!"

Ho ho ho! Hello fellas! This year has been very good for MN, we made a lot of things we wanted and there are even more to come, that we described in 11 years anniversary article and it feels so good to be back on the trail that we decided to celebrate it. Long story short, at the November 28 the idea of MN New Year contest was born, at the November 29 everything was filmed, at the November 30 everything was written and viola - contest is live!

You can find all the contest details on its own page here or watch video about the contest here. Even tho we were short on the time we did everything we wanted and so should you. Only one month for contest so hurry up! Check the rules and go, create something that will claim the first place. Make this New Year special for us!

MN New Year 2017 Contest

We are happy to show you the latest work of our member nkt, which is edit for MN Pride.
The movie looks dope and it feels like JADZY has nowhere to go, so let's see what he can show us!

Come on people, show em some attention!

Russia Ivan who recently released an awesome Fragstorm 3 also released a making of for his latest movie, to show us some behind the scenes. It really explain the amount of work put behind it, so make sure to check it out!

Furious storm of frags brought to you by Russia Ivan Kuzkin. Enjoy the masterpiece!

New tutorial by Serbia fuze about Enabling ReShade depth effects in Source games (CS:GO, CS:S, GMOD).
This is huge, enjoy!

Watch tutorial

As many of you have noticed already (who am I trying to trick noone did...) few weeks ago we shipped achievements update to website. Russian part of MN immediately got hyped over it so we had to rework their visual part almost immediately since it's got way too much attention. Now as we polished it, added some more and translated them we are happy to announce them for EN part aswell!

Achievements are divided in 2 types: Unlockable and Unique.
Unloackable can be aquired through the time being on MN and in moviemaking in general. Post comments, battle Prides, put likes on video, win contests and you will earn em!
Unique achievements are distributed personally. We usualy give them away by our own judgements.

Achievements are updated every hour, so if you posted 500th comment and you havnt got achievement for that - wait a little bit (:
Some of them are not droping automatically, so if you think you are missing one dont hesitate to contact us to give it to you. Here you can find full list of those which are not unique.

So go, check profiles and find out who is good at what! Who's holding that AWESOME achievement of Movie Girl and who is the true Contest Destroyer. Find them all!

p.s. If you have a suggestion about achievements share it in comments, we will be reading them (:

Yuppi kay Movienations! Raise the drinks for our party!

Years go by faster than many of us could think of them and here we are 11 years after. Through this time project have been in many struggles and troubles, saw kingdoms rise and fall, friends meet and go but we... we still remain! With new blood pumping in the veins of Movienations project grows strong. New design, EN\RU split, MN Demos, MN Anime, Achievements, Prizes on MN Pride and many many more changes which are less noticeable but not less crucial.

Thanks to all of you who supported us during this time. Without editors, without viewers, without coders, all of that wouldn't be possible. Stay tuned as we are about to drop more!

btw, there is such a coincidence... Georgy "Georgy Glau" Glau is celebrating his birthday today too. Him and project have many bounds so dont spare some good words for them in the comments!

The 3n19ma community has announced top 10 edits of october and we are happy to list you the winners here on MN. Please welcome under cut to see who's got the goods!

Many of us hold great passion for video games and creating videos about video games. Our style in expressing our feeling is always different and we do it via different ways. But Patrick has gone huge, big, he just literally gone WILD. He, legit, creates films about whatever comes on his mind, either it a game, a drug effect, or both at the same time! Well seriously some of his releases are so, ermm, outstanding that I question myself, what kind of a dope this guy has? Well long story short, he is a big guy with madskillz!

But enough of Hunt himself, time to talk about his one of the greatest upcoming project, called Big Action Collaboration. Basically it's a collab between animators to create DAMN HUGE ACTION FILM! Patrick wants to create a film from pieces of your, dear viewer and editor, submissions! Just follow the guidelines that patrick explained in the video below and GO! Create some dope ass action and send em to Patrick!

Update: Deadline was extended up to 31 december.

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