Long story short: We now have donate. All the details in the link down below. Cheers!


Obtain Studios which is founded by Kazakhstan Wavy and Kazakhstan F1KE. released a big damn teamtage.
Check it out!

Another awesome work for Pride this time by our member RU nkt.
It's getting a bit more clouded everytime isn't it?

Great movie about CoD4 by our member Hungary mauser.

Episode 6 is out! Use it wisely, padawans...

As you already know, not long time ago Sony sold Vegas to MAGIX. And today they presented new version! Sony Vegas Pro 14 is out now.

It features not much of improvements but some of them are goddamn crucial! Make sure to check original website for full list of changes.

You thought it's over? You thought all was that left is watching back in the memories?


So beware! Because Russia MiX(eP) is still... ALIVE.

Congratulations to Russia inclement for taking Movie of the Week #36 with Hysteria 2! He gets well deserved skin for AK-47 which you can see in details on his profile page. Good job comrade!

We'v created separate channel for Pride. From now on all of the Pride works will be uploaded on it, and best of the Pride works (as of administranion's taste) gona get uploaded to main channel aswell.

Link right here

Also we are thinking about rewarding with money instead of skins. What are your opinions on that? How big should be the pool to get you into the fight? Share your ideas in comments to this news!

MN Demos #5 out! This release has been created in cooperation with KawaiiArts and otakumobile so enjoy some nyace frags!

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