Week #2016-25 (starts : 20.06.2016)
Fight ofic ruzlynn_ruks
Week #2016-21 (starts : 23.05.2016)
Fight Nelon Jevgenijs Ceplišs
Week #2016-15 (starts : 11.04.2016)
Fight etappcnah Darlimon

Our member Poland MARO has presented his new movie called KAREN.
Edit was made for the contest T3C V2, and in our opinion, has all chances to win.

And what do you think?

Good news everyone! Today is a day when the great devteam of HLAE released the script to import .BVH. Script was developed by R.I.Pieces and is capable of importing the keyframes on an existing camera inside SFM clip. Unfortunately right now BVH file is not containing FOV info and thus it has to be set manually. Readme.txt that goes along with the script contains instructions regarding both: the basic how2import and a link to the forum topic where FOV calculation formula is explained.

Export script right now is in development. Stay tuned!

Update: Export script is now live. Hurray!

Script: https://github.com/ripieces/afx-sfm-scripts

Even tho Portugal kedzr has announced that he was hired by G2 long time ago for many of us it's still a surprise. Some are envy and constantly repeating that kedz is not the same, that his greed driven him bad, but they probably havnt seen his latest works, because now kedzr is even better then he was. Watch his new amazing edit of G2 performance at E-League and feel the greatness this man still hold.

Reception of works for Qwerty & NikkyyHD Contest is over, and while we are all waiting for the results, we suggest to watch a new BO3 work by United States Nikkyy made for team Lycan.

Legendary (already allowed to say that?) Poland MARO shared 2 screenshots of his new movie.
Are you hyped?

Check a new work by our member China EDW – the official movie about the best Chinese team, TYLOO.
What do you think about the Chinese's skill?

Our great member Russia Barabulyko decided to not stick only to CS and created short Dota animation movie.
Enjoy the comedy!

The rising talents are appreciated at MovieNations aswell, so welcome Russia Chet Jong!

The Lionheart Studio accepted editor Dizzle into their team for a trial period for his amazing appclip Morning Routine created in the style that you folks will definitely enjoy.

German company MAGIX just acquired rights on many Sony projects including such titles like Vegas Pro and Sound Forge.

As Sony said before they aren't going to develop Vegas further more and will concentrate on building new programm called Catalyst Edit, which they suppose should be a stand-in for Vegas. But Magix decided to not give up such a great product as Vegas and promised to keep on updating and upgrading their new software, and alrdy stated that composers will see a new version of already called programms somewhere around the autumn.

Full press-release can be found here

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