MN Pride MOTW #41: B12 by Russia inclement (prize $16)
What is MN Pride?

Dusk version of Infernew is with us! Find the file here or just in file storage of MovieNations.

And the results for contest have been announced.
Click here to see what you wish to see, or click here to see the contest results.

Spoiler Alert!

Congratulations to Russia FLXD, Russia Lark and Germany Nyu for taking first place and 225 dollahs! Jeez guys time to rewatch the winning place...

MN Demos #10 is out!

Best demos for best editors in this very frag show. As usual download links are in description.

ATTENTION: We are struggling to create more shows because YOU yea exactly YOU hesitate to send your demo. Do it already! Your frags will be in fragmovies of best editors, so don't let your chance slip!

Send your demos here:

We are happy to provide you with the latest release from a collaboration of MovieNations and Sunny Pictures.
Our member DE BZR isn't a regular visitor at our art station but he is indeed a one that we are welcoming!

How glitch IS that?

New episode is out!

Autumn has always been an often reason for depression and Kazakhstan Wavy couldn't dodge it. So show him some love, let's not get him drown =)

Belarus 4fun's work for Dota Film Contest 2016 was truly amazing. Barely any standalone editors would put so much effore into CG for Dota films. And since this film was greatly appreciated by the community (3rd place!) editor decided to share the making of the best CG shots created for this movie.

Beware! The Vision: Making of.

Valve released new Inferno in fresh Beta update. More screens and video walkthrough inside.
What do you think?

New contest by JP PRiZE from Requine Cinema celebrating 1k subscribers.
All the details here.

Our Chinese colleague sends us his new stuff. His words:

Hey guys! Since 2009 I was trying to fix the original maps of CS1.6. I made a lot of things like enhancing with custom elements via 3ds, adding HD textures downloaded from (that's a nice website), adding objects from CS:GO and CS:S using 3DRipperDX and so on.

There are such maps as "de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_train".

Done in summer of 2014. These files will require 3ds max 2012 or higher.

These maps were in first palce made for my last CS movie, but actually I gave up, I got work,I don't have time to make CS movies anymore.
Now, i released these maps, so you could use them in your movie, or maybe something else. I hope it can help some moviemakers, maybe it will give you some inspiration who knows.

Thanks to everyone for all they did, but for now good bye.
- Ahemax


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