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Fantasia 2 by dgb1tch (Dynamic-Arts)
Xploder by seasonz (MovieNations) 2 comments
OTHERSIDE by JAIZER (Enuria Films) 3 comments
Kaori by sin1ster 3 comments
cybeRteam - Dota 2 movie by Сергей "Ultrix" Матвие 2 comments
AboutMyself by xsuid 8 comments
DEAD NIGHT by impegZ (MovieNations & Brutality) 5 comments
CS:GO "The Day Will Come" by COCAINE by CheVaAa Community 2 comments
KUSH WAVEZ by MARO (MovieNations & Ghost Pictures) 3 comments
SunFlares quakelive movie 2014 by Evgeny Semenov 3 comments
ZERANG by D[A]rk (MovieNations, Hazard Productions & Ghost Pictures) 4 comments
HUMAN by Sprin 7 comments
Last Journey II by RaptaXz & qualmz [S&O] Entry by RaptaXz ERAZEMEDIA 2 comments
BOps » SnDmini #3 by KoRni 2 comments
SKY FADES 3 by JAIZER, Nicepoke, Deffy 12 comments

A CoD4 moviemaker, impegZ, joins us. You can know him as a winner of our MN Contest #3.
Check his latest movies:  DEAD NIGHT and  113SECONDSofFURY.


Georgy Glau on 26.08.2014 · 2 Comments · 183 Views
 SEGWAY 3 by Googler

We are presenting a new movie which was made by our member Googler.

 Segway 3

Georgy Glau on 28.03.2014 · 0 Comments · 869 Views
 + Redic

Meet a new member of our team, Redic.
Also check his amazing latest clip called  Dark Wars.

Georgy Glau on 19.03.2014 · 5 Comments · 480 Views
 + lock

A CS:GO moviemaker, lock, joined us.
Dmitry is from Russia, but lives in Germany.

Check his latest movie called  ARRIVAL.

Georgy Glau on 16.03.2014 · 4 Comments · 434 Views
 Salvation by westracer

We just announced our new contest, and we already have the first participant. And such a person wow.
You all remember our member 
westracer by his previous work  Six at Nine, which took the 3-rd place in our previous contest.
Meet the new CS:GO movie from Igor called  Salvation.
Georgy Glau on 09.03.2014 · 22 Views
 FGCL Movie Festival Results

FGCL Movie Festival with prize fund of 150$ ended.
 And we are glad to say that all the three prize places were taken by MovieNations members.

1)  Landing  by  lane  ­– 70$
2)  Six at Nine  by  westracer  ­– 50$
3)  Nexbie  by  Demik  – 30$

Georgy Glau on 06.03.2014 · 2 Comments · 986 Views
 MN Contest #3

Recently ended our second contest and we proudly present to your attention MN Contest #3 with prize fund of $300. It has already begun, so hurry up!

All info you can find on the official contest page: MN Contest #3

Georgy Glau on 04.03.2014 · 18 Views
 Chaosform showreel 2013

Maslenitsa has come, and our member cheb made something sweet for you!
No, it's not pancakes, it's even better!

Meet a fresh showreel with the best works of the past year from the Studio Chaosform, which employs Igor.
In the list of the Chaosform's clients are such brands as: Intel, IBM, BenQ, BlackBerry, Nestlé, Cisco, SteelSeries, Celldweller, etc.
Georgy Glau on 28.02.2014 · 288 Views
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