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So while we all were enjoying ESL Cologne, or creating new movie, or doing whatever we were usually doing, Dominik was working hard. And the output results are goddamn fucking gold.

A new feature allows moviemaker to transfer motion data from a game to SFM. Using new amazing function (mirv_streams record agr) editor can now record the motion data from a camera point. When the record is done, editor should open SFM, create dummie camera, press RMB on it select rig - advancedfx_import_gamerecord and wait a little bit coz sfm will freeze. BUT AFTER IT YOU WILL SEE A GAMEMODELS ROAMING AROUND DOING SAME THINGS AS THEY DID IN GAME. MAGIC? INDEED!

Dominik insists that every moviemaker that is willing to use new feature, have to check the readme file, because this function requires some special conditions to run fine, including concrete FPS while recording and so on.

Latest version of HLAE
Latest version of script
Dominik's Twitter

Today Russia smerch posted in VK that he's working on a new CS:GO movie. He said that he already chose 3 music tracks for his upcoming movie, and the length will be something like 6 minutes. He'll try to finish it in 4-5 weeks, and the teaser will be released in 2-3 weeks.

We will be waiting for it!

The so long Qwerty & NikkyyHD Contest has finally come to an end.
The results are on the link.

What I want to say about the contest: it wasn't good. Wasn't even close.
At first we thought it's gonna be fine: the name of United States NikkyyHD has been quite a gurantee of a quality, but in the end everything has turned out otherwise.

First, the quality of the works. For me there was not a single decent work (except Brazil undeadz's VERTIGO). Nothing outstanding, nothing that I'd like to watch again.

Second, in April, the contest's deadline has been moved over to July. Someone will say that it's rather good, but I think that because of the initially set deadline, many great moviemakers decided not to participate, as it was not enough time for them. And than BOOM, suddenly it turns out they had 2 extra months. Kinda, bullshit, eh?

Third, the irresponsibility and disregard on the side of those who hosted the competition.
Where is the page to submit works? Where are the proper guidelines that I could read? Where could we contact the hosts?
Also, the results announcment. Separate channels, the only god knows when release date. First 2 months of extensions, than 1 week of delays.
But the hosts havnt forgot to upload their own videos on channel, these were made and published in time. Shows some respect.

In the end I'd like to say that I wasnt satisfied at all. Everything went awful. If a job is worth doing it's worth doing well. Should have asked for help from experienced competition helders.

Here at MovieNations we have great platform for hosting competitions, where you could submit works, ask questions, see the results and all on one page! You always can contact us for making a partnership and doing great contest.

If you have something to say, if u agree or disagree feel free to express ur opinion down in comments section.

To see the results click here.

Soo the mighty and famous 3n19ma published the results even earlier then he promised. Good guy Tiago :D

We as MovieNations team are happy that so much of our participants took place in top10, it's a great achievment.
Poland MARO, Kazakhstan Wavy, China EDW, Russia Alght – keep it up, boyz, MovieNations beat em all!

To see the results click here.

A decent entry to T3C V2 by Germany Nyu.
Even tho the song is copyrighted we believe 3n19ma will be impressed and will allow the movie participate.
Exciting song, amazing colour correction and some decent VFX.

Praise the Deanar!

Yesterday our greatest founder Russia deanar shipped new update featuring split regarding the chosen language.
From now on, chosen localization will affect the news feed and comments you see.

If you switch to the British flag in top right corner you will start browsing EN part of MovieNations, and if you choose Russian flag you get into RU part.
Also there is a little greeeeeen button above Send button in comments which does exactly the same.
It's here just to shorten switch for those who are willing to participate in both frames of the community (:

I hope now it will be more pleasant for you to browse the MovieNations (: Enjoy!

Our member Poland MARO has presented his new movie called KAREN.
Edit was made for the contest T3C V2, and in our opinion, has all chances to win.

And what do you think?

Good news everyone! Today is a day when the great devteam of HLAE released the script to import .BVH. Script was developed by R.I.Pieces and is capable of importing the keyframes on an existing camera inside SFM clip. Unfortunately right now BVH file is not containing FOV info and thus it has to be set manually. Readme.txt that goes along with the script contains instructions regarding both: the basic how2import and a link to the forum topic where FOV calculation formula is explained.

Export script right now is in development. Stay tuned!

Update: Export script is now live. Hurray!

Script: https://github.com/ripieces/afx-sfm-scripts

Even tho Portugal kedzr has announced that he was hired by G2 long time ago for many of us it's still a surprise. Some are envy and constantly repeating that kedz is not the same, that his greed driven him bad, but they probably havnt seen his latest works, because now kedzr is even better then he was. Watch his new amazing edit of G2 performance at E-League and feel the greatness this man still hold.

Reception of works for Qwerty & NikkyyHD Contest is over, and while we are all waiting for the results, we suggest to watch a new BO3 work by United States Nikkyy made for team Lycan.

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