Year 2017

Week #2017-3 (starts : 16.01.2017)
Fight Falko zecon

Year 2016

Week #2016-52 (starts : 26.12.2016)
Fight dragger Mirsser
Fight ninjajka Fastius

A new challenge appears! Overtime's 727+ Subs Contest is now on folks!
Deadline is the end of February so hurry up and make up a video!

Our Youtube channel has reached 15k subs! A great achievement!

Another movie by the greatest editor on earth 3n19ma. He is still kicking! Or is it just dying convulsions, ehhh?...
Tell us ur opinions in comments!

Russia Lank1z has announced the results of 1k subs contest. Congratulations to our member Russia inclement for claiming 4th place!

Results here

Yo wazzup les noobs! So I found this cool movie called Mind Tree, and thought "Pfff, and that's all?!". So I want to make such movie myself! Wait, what is .agr? What do you mean agr_import\export_blender scripts? Blender? Wtf?...

Well if you still havnt lost your courage regarding this type of movies and still eager to make one, than this news are just for you. User of our website Russia MP has made a tutorial on this exact topic.
If you think that you can beat Serbia fuze the all-mighty, and make a better movie with OSUM 3D custom scenes, explosions and animations but you just dont know how - please, welcome to the tutorial (:

Tutorial here

Wanna make your first CS:GO movie? But you know nothing John Snow!
Don't worry, because especially for you amazing Poland PANIq made CS:GO Moviemaking Guide which consists of 7 big parts each covering important aspects of moviemaking. So what you are waiting for Johnny? Hop in and learn from one of the greatest moviemakers of oldschool! Finally you will know something!

CS:GO Moviemaking Guide

rbxcbd's contest is over, check the results on the contest's page.

Check new tutorial by Poland PANIq. He will teach you how to make a HUSH effect for your CS:GO clip.

Our member Russia HLV has left moviemaking long time ago to git gud in motion design.
Here is his first showreel. Enjoy!

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