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Boats are used regularly in RuneScape
Автор: SG Smarthuiyuan

Mini-game: Battleship (Looking for new names, but battleship was the first that came into my mind) Objective: Destroy other ships and protected any loot they've. How to play: You set sail with your boat and you can sail in any waters in runescape.

If your ship sinks that you don't shed any items you have on you, you merely lose your boat. Then you have to re-build your boat or you may just rent one or buy one from another player or NPC. In addition you get kill-points for killing other players ships in which you can purchase things for your boat like boards, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it seems like a pretty cool ability. I'd really like to hear any questions or suggestions that you have on this great new skill! Thanks!

I'm totally free to play and I've seen noobs at most of the fantastic places to train atk. We need somewhere else to train somewhere the noobs cant enter. So this is my idea. Lvl 70+ may make a monster house for 25k. Each chamber u can cause 10k. U need 70+ combat to produce this house and over 1000 total lvl to maintain noobs out.

After u kill a monster they will fall magic orb. Subsequently in monster house at a room besides entrance room u can use magical orb and that npc will maintain ur home. Each room must contain the same npc. So room 1 could comprise lessers and room 2 can contain guards.

There is also a lever to make hazardous, secure, fun, and off manner. Dangerous meens that if u die u spawn in lumbridge and lose all but 3 finest things. But the npcs can also drop items.

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