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The Elder Scrolls Online lleva la revolucionaria experiencia online de Elder Scrolls por primera vez. Utilizando la tecnolog Megaserver de ZeniMax Online, los jugadores se unir a un mundo conectado con una red social integrada que les permite mantenerse actualizados con todo lo que sus amigos est usando. La tecnolog Megaserver evita las trabas de una selecci rota y hace de The Elder Scrolls Online uno de los juegos m sociales jam creados.

INDIE VS. CORPORATE: Independent game development is blossoming, and the Indiecade area of the convention center displayed more creativity than most of the expensive corporate booths. (The most fun I had this week was playing "Tiny Brains," a multiplayer puzzler from Spearhead Games, a small studio founded by EA and Ubisoft veterans.) But Sony, in particular, is aggressively wooing indies to create PS4 and Vita games, and the buzziest titles at its booth were idiosyncratic gems like "Hohokum," ''Octodad: Dadliest Catch" and "Secret Ponchos." Winner: Can't we all just get along?.

Activision and it's various developers Sledgehammer, the remnants of Infinity Ward, Treyarch have been able to largely ignore the tides of change thanks to the overflowing vaults of money that the franchise keeps generating. Every change they have made has kept that single image in mind. The multiplayer is more homogenised.

It means that CCP job is less as director and more of a custodian, maintaining and elaborating on a toolset rather than creating stories or To get a little Soylent Green, in EVE Online the people are the content, the other players, even you. The game functions as a way to connect people and a sort of alibi for spending time with other people, in a very similar way to how board games work. At this point Nordgren has become increasingly animated, gesturing enthusiastically to emphasise the point.

Ubisoft hasn't had a great year. Critics raved about Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but sales were poor. The company expects to post a loss this year, with sales targets down by 1.42 billion Euros. The first gameplay from Bungie's online sci fi shooter Destiny was the final game, if not the final word. While the game will release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Bungie seems to have thrown its lot in with Sony on Destiny, with Tretton promising exclusive Destiny content for PS4. Possibly to combat the competition of Xbox One exclusive Titanfall.
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