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"Well I dreamed there was an island That rose up from the wow classic gold cheap sea. And everybody on the island Was somebody from TV. And there was a beautiful view But nobody could see. Cause everybody on the island Was saying: Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!"

If you want to attend both days, an advance Weekender+ ticket costs 24.99.You also get a free four pack of the award winning game Lethal League , take one for yourself and then hand the rest your to friends and family before torturing them by firing an anti gravity ball.

News photographs showed firefighters beside the apparently charred fuselage of a red, white and blue plane, downed near some trees with its wings and tail visible. Another photo showed a medical helicopter hovering near the crash site. Reports say a fire truck drove onto the course in response to the crash and that Oxford and university police also responded along with sheriff deputies.

There is no admission charge to all events thanks to sponsorship by the Marquette County Community Foundation, Northern Michigan University, PWPL Friends and Carroll Paul Memorial Trust Fund of the Peter White Public Library, Emerick Family Fund of the Marquette County Community Foundation and private donors. Wednesday in the Peter White Public Library Shiras Room.

With this new way of appropriation, schools will now have to ensure they stay within seven budgets instead of one. If the board wants to move funds, they are at the mercy of Mayor Jones and City Council. Oy vey! I should digress here. Because really, there is so much more I could say the CAO warning Council the City will likely overspend their own budget by $9 million five months before the fiscal year ends and now trying to control how the school board spends their money, too? Double, no, triple oy vey!

16th April 2014Quote: "I hope whatever they decide to do will make them both happy. That's the key thing. You want your kids to be happy. They're strong, smart and talented people and they'll make great decisions." Robin Thicke's actor dad Alan hopes the singer and his estranged wife Paula Patton will be able to work through their marriage problems. The couple separated in February (14).

It is horrifying, which I heard today, that there were recorded some 12,196 murders of which 8,775 died by firearms in the US in 2010. (9, 146 in 2009) That is 2.8 people for every 100,000 per year. (Who knows the number that were wounded like Gabrielle Giffords [Including six dead and one being a nine year old child.] There are in civilian hands there are 270 million guns the highest in any country in the world.
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