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This weekend I took some artifacts out to the Clara Cheapest wow classic gold Barton Missing Soldiers Office in Washington DC. While we do have the space open to the public on weekends, we're still raising funds for display cases and a security system for the building. Until then, we cannot put any long term artifact displays there. I was able to take a few artifacts out for a specific tour though.

I interview a lot of people and I hire devs. I do not ask specific problems but I do get people in front of a whiteboard with a marker. I am more concerned with how someone solves a problem, the process they use, how they think through something, how they handle challenges. . I do not care about trivial knowledge or if they have to go look something up. I look things up all the time. I hire people to solve difficult problems in the field of computing. While I do look for strong technical skills, which can be evidenced by grades (for new grads), recommendations, but most of all an ability to discuss their technical abilities, past projects, and technical interests. I look for passion. I want someone who loves what they do. And finally, I look just as much at soft skills (non technical). Very important are interpersonal communication skills. I ask myself if I could put the person in front of a customer, and how they interact with the rest of the team. In summary, there is no replacement a comprehensive interview that covers all of the bases is the best type of interview.

"I looked at the time once crossing Castle Creek and I knew we were a couple minutes behind (the record), maybe two," Gaston said. "And we didn't look from there to the finish line. We were going to put our heads down and go for it and give it a whirl, but I didn't want to stress it too much."

Coincidence? I think not. I sure whoever designed this 100 trillion dollar bill was inspired by the game. I also sure it must have been some 11 year old fifth grader with an adequate knowledge of Photoshop who made this for the government. And if you wondering, how much 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars is, it comes out to less than 50 cents, which isn worth the paper it printed on.

This program is no doubt the product of some smug suit who wouldn't know gaming if it stole his granny. It's just SO sterotypical, especially the addition of "gorgeous girls" (not that I have anything against gorgeous girls, but we nerds do not require TV for such things, we can utilise our geek wizardry to harness the 'net for such diversions)
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