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Автор: RU ESO2017
World cheap wow gold of Darkness is years away. The Twilight MMORPG was all a rumor. But that online Vampire game void is being filled by the people at Ohai.

City of Eternals has just opened its doors to the alpha phase of testing. Players can customize the look and fighting style of their vampire. Quest, craft, or decorate a home. The game takes place in New Valencia, The City Never Sleeps. The quests will have players fighting monsters and zombies, and there is new content added into the game weekly. The website has a live feed of player activity. There is also a focus on socialization, and one Facebook account can be linked into the game.

Andrew's first video games were on a Tandy computer. He has moved on through various consuls and computers, but now mainly focuses on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. He spends most of his free time in Azeroth, and the rest trolling forums and looking up articles on websites dedicated to World of Warcraft. He also branches out into other MMORPGs, as time, money, and family allow. In WoW, he can be found as Lotharfox, Alliance Dalaran US, PST.

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