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First of all, what is Digital Marketing? And where it all began? <a href="https://www.curvearro.com/uk/locations/newcastle/">Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle</a>
is defined as the marketing of products or services using online platforms, such as; social media, PPC, email marketing and SEO. As technology has evolved over time, our lives become more and more dependent on digital components. mobile phones and computers allow us to do almost everything that we need, therefore, it makes sense that the traditional forms of marketing are now shifted more towards the digital platform.

In 1990 the first engine ever seeking birth is called Archie Query Form, the index for the FTP site. A few years later, in 1993, the first clickable banner ad went live web - another breakthrough for digital marketing history. From this, in 1996, a smaller search engines begin to launch and the following year the first media sites social ever launched!
Google births occurred in 1998, and since these smaller search engines were wiped from 2000. From this incident, digital and social scene is growing rapidly, with social media platforms such as; Myspace, LinkedIn, and in 2004, Facebook! After the grand launch of Facebook - YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify all set up and launch of Google+ in 2011.
Fast forward to today, where the use of mobile has surpassed desktop usage and we are more digitally inclined than ever!

Digital marketing can now reach a larger audience in a shorter time than traditional marketing techniques - and digital marketing costs are significantly lower than traditional marketing. With digital marketing, one of the best benefits is being able to measure the growth and level of engagement of your followers and customers. Other major benefits to using digital marketing, is the personalization aspect. Now you can target specific offers to customers, which means they feel more appreciated and as targeted offers to them they may be more inclined to pursue the bid, which, in turn, should positively impact the conversion rate.

With almost anything, history has a tendency to repeat itself. However, with digital marketing, we often see a pattern of interference. As the advent of digital marketing attributes increases, demand increases consumer engagement as well. Consumers want everything quiet, whether that means putting everything into the same platform, or any attribute simplify further - who knows.
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