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In Marvel cheap wow gold Ultimate Alliance 2, Captain America becomes one of the leaders of the Anti Registration alliance and works to show the American people the inherent evils of forcing super heroes to register with the United States government and reveal their true identities. Because of this, Captain America is an extremely powerful character when playing on the Anti Reg side and a very weak character when playing on the Pro Reg side of the story. The reason for this is because all of Captain America's abilities can only be upgraded if you play the Anti Reg story arc, his powers will be available on the Pro Reg story arc but not his abilities. The good news here is that if you do choose the Pro Reg story arc you won't be able to use ole' Cap until almost the end of the game anyway.

Captain America is a very well rounded character who is good in melee combat, has a healthy amount of hit points, and has enough stamina to use his special power attacks liberally. When playing on the Anti Reg side, Cap is also an excellent tank due to his Duralumin Armor ability which reduces all incoming melee damage by a certain percentage and his Heroic Defense power which further reduces all incoming damage for a certain period of time. The best way to play Captain America is to turn him into a melee specialized combatant focusing on improving his close range attack power and defense. Captain America's powers leave something to be desired, so focusing on plain old melee combat is the best way to go.

If Captain America is one of your favorite characters, or the Anti Registration path is more your style, read on to learn all about Captain America's powers and abilities.

Shield Throw is Cap's long distance attack, and seems good in theory but in actual game play it doesn't pan out. Steering the shield after it is thrown is awkward and it is hard to hit enemies with. The main let down though is for the same amount of stamina you can use Cap's much better Shield Swipe ability which causes much more damage and is much easier to aim. In addition, when you do throw the shield and try to aim it, you will completely defenseless while doing so. The first upgrade node for Shield Throw will allow you to hit multiple enemies with a single throw, the second will increase the throw duration, and the last will stun foes who are hit. It is nice to have a long distance attack for Cap, but you are better just focusing on Shield Swipe and Heroic Defense for his powers.

Shield Swipe Captain America swings his shield with tremendous force knocking back opponents.

This will be your main attack power with Cap. Shield swipe causes good damage and doesn't use too much stamina. The power up nodes allow Shield Swipe to knock down foes and increase in area of effect allowing you to hit multiple targets. Knocking down foes is extremely beneficial as once they are on the ground they are more susceptible to damage and you can then allow your stamina to regenerate. This is also your boss killer ability with Cap. Close to melee range pop Heroic Defense once you unlock it and pummel bosses mercilessly with Shield Swipe until your stamina runs out. Rinse and repeat. This is a great power, keep it maxed out.

Captain's Dash Captain America rushes forward with his shield knocking out weakened enemies.

Unfortunately another weak power for Cap. There are other character's as well that have this class of power, and it is equally weak for them as well. What happens is that Cap will rush forward with his shield damaging the first enemy he hits for a small amount of damage. If an enemy is weakened, which seems to mean under half of his health is left, Cap will jump up and swing his shield to instantly knock out the enemy. It is a weak power and uses too much stamina to be useful. You could simply punch the weakened enemy once or twice to knock them out and it wouldn't cost you any stamina. Skip this power, its not useful.

Heroic Defense Captain America casts a buff which reduces all incoming damage for a limited time.

Finally, a second useful power for Captain America, and it's a good one. As stated above, this power reduces all incoming damage for a limited time. What makes this power even greater is that once you reach the first upgrade node, this buff will pass on to all of your teammates as well. This makes caster characters like Storm or the Human Torch much more resilient allowing them to do more damage. It also helps Cap become a better tank in close quarters combat. Later upgrade nodes allow the heroes to overcome the impact resistances of enemies, and allows the buff to last longer. Simply put, this ability will help your entire team live longer and be more effective in combat. You should have it active at all times in combat, and it costs very little stamina so you have no reason not to keep it active. Keep this ability maxed at all times.

You will be using fusion attacks quite often, especially against bosses and when the game throws waves of enemies at you. Upping the damage you do with fusion attacks is nice, but not necessarily mandatory. Likewise, increasing the XP you gain per kill is nice but you can always replay previous mission to level up if you want. The best recommendation is to use your ability points on abilities that improve your combat effectiveness and only put points into other skills when you have points left over.

Shield Mastery Raises damage for all power attacks. (1% increases per point.)

Shield Mastery will increase the damage you do whenever you use one of your powers. This will increase the amount of damage you do with your Shield Swipe attack which is a nice damage boost. Since you will be relying on this attack throughout much of the game this is a good ability to put points into to improve your combat effectiveness.

Precise Aim Raises chance of inflicting critical hits. (2% increase per point.)

This is a great skill to dump points into, and you should try to keep it maxed out at all times. Anytime you land an attack be it regular melee attacks or power attacks, you will have a chance to score a critical hit for substantially more damage. This will drastically improve your killing power and the amount of damage you do. Each point you add will increase your chance by 2% which is an excellent payoff for your points. If you manage to max out this ability you could have up to a 30% critical strike chance per attack! Keep this ability maxed out.

Conditioning Allows more frequent use of powers. (1 additional Focus per point added.)

Conditioning will allow you to use your Shield Swipe and Heroic Defense more often which is good. The only downside is that adding 1 focus isn't adding a great deal of stamina. Conditioning is a good ability to boost but for Captain America the best recommendation is to focus on Precise Aim, Duralumin Armor, and Tough As Nails first. Use your extra points for Conditioning.

Tough As Nails Raises maximum hit points. (Adds 1 Body per point added.)

Since Cap is basically a tank, melee fighter having a ton of hit points will only make him a more lethal combatant. Adding 1 point to your Body stat will increase your hit points by 4 or 5 (it alternates per level). When you combine this effect with the Duralumin Armor ability and the Heroic Defense power, Cap will turn into an unstoppable wrecking machine. Keep this ability maxed out when you are able to do so to improve Cap's longevity.

Duralumin Armor Resists incoming melee damage. (Increases Melee Damage Resistance by 1% per point added.)

Another excellent ability for Cap. This ability will automatically resist a certain percentage based on rank, of all incoming melee damage. Since Cap is a front line fighter most of the damage he will be absorbing will be melee damage. By immediately nullifying this incoming damage you will live much longer and be able to wail away on opponents without having to worry about your hit point levels. This ability gets further amplified when combined with the Tough as Nails ability and the Heroic Defense power. As stated above, when you have all of these factors working in unison Cap is an unstoppable wrecking machine.

As you can see Captain America can be a very powerful ally in combat. The only problem is that in order for him to be useful you need to choose the Anti Registration story line. By being the leader of the resistance movement Cap gets the additional abilities which can make him stronger than other characters who can be played on both sides. Keep this in mind for the other leaders of each faction as well. Captain America is best played as an up close, in your face melee fighter, and only has two out of his four powers which are useful, so they should be easy to keep maximized for optimum usefulness. Now get out there and rid the world of evil and oppression soldier!
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