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Over wow gold the past few summers, I've been fortunate enough to spend some time in the CBC studios. It's an opportunity to chat with you lot, and play tunes by some of my favourite Canadians.

This summer, however, has me especially eager to be back to Radio 3. The studios are air conditioned!

For the past few months, my band Bonjay has been working hard at finishing our new album. While making music is certainly a fulfilling experience, working 12 hours in studio atop a laundromat, with equipment steadily generating heat, without air conditioning you start to the feel the effects.

Needless to say, I'm happy to take a short break, cool off and hang out with you.

I'll be hosting (cooling off) every Thursday and Friday for the month of July.

Another personal treat on today's show is a song from my bud and former tourmate, Matt Mays. I once toured across Canada with Matt as a backup singer/percussionist during his "When The Angels Make Contact" tour.

I, like many, have been anticipating a follow up. Today's show features "Take It On Faith", the lead single from his upcoming album Coyote (September 4 via Sonic/Warner Bros.)

It's been described as "a rollicking rock record". "Take It On Faith" definitely delivers a big sound. It's made for turning up your truck speakers and getting contemplative while coasting down the highway.

Catchi this song and other summer anthems on today's show.

I notice a big difference in drivers betwen toontown and regina. Much more laid back and courteous in Regina.

I know people down there complain, especially if they come from somewhere else, but you can actually cross a busy street in Regina at one of those crosswalks that's just a picture you know, no flashing lights or anything and cars actually stop. Not here. They're too busy texting on their phones to friends about how bad traffic is because one of the bridges has been closed or something
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