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"You never know what the weather will be like when they go back rs gold for sale out," said Van Pelt, the clubhouse leader at 3 under 213. "So they might get the good end of it or the bad end of it. To me, just glad to be done. I did what I could do, and I'm sure before I go to bed tonight I'll know kind of where I stand going into tomorrow."

We had met Harmonix many years ago when they were working on a couple of games called Frequency and Amplitude. Sony published those and at that time we were primarily a peripheral manufacturer. They talked to us and Sony talked to us about building a peripheral for Frequency and Amplitude. We kicked ideas around but nothing really came through. A couple of years later we ran into the CEO of Harmonix again and said we should do a game together. We'd been thinking about a guitar game for years because we thought music games were successful in Japan, and if you were ever going to make a game that was representative of popular music in the US, for us it would have to be guitar that was the instrument. So we said: "We want to do a guitar game" and they said, "That's funny, we want to do a guitar game!" It actually came together incredibly quickly. From the time we first discussed it to the time it was released, it was a total of about nine months. Everything just seemed to fit so well. We had to design the controller from the ground up while they did the software, but everything came together very quickly. It was just one of those magical moments in time where everyone's ideas seemed to be on the same path.

"Trump has been very critical of China and you really haven't heard any Democratic voices countering him on that," Egan said. "They've countered him on what he's doing and how he's going about it, but they actually haven't disagreed with the fundamental claim he's making: that China has been an unfair player in the global economic space."

IN LINE: Emma Hayes, manager of Chelsea Ladies is being considered for the job of managing the men team. AFP Photo By Paul Kennedy I don know much about Emma Hayes other than what I read about her in recent weeks. For those of you as much in the dark as I was, she is the coach of Chelsea FC Women. And if you believe what you have read in the newspapers of late, she is in contention to take charge of the men team after the imminent departure of Maurizio Sarri. The 42 year old led Chelsea to third in the Women's Super League and to the semi finals of the Women's Champions League this season. In the previous season she won the double for Chelsea and during a spell coaching in America, won manager of the year. Not too shabby for sure, but in my mind, she has nowhere near the credentials required to take charge of the men first team and the reasons have got absolutely nothing to do with her sex. Emiliano Sala was killed in a plane crash after signing for Cardiff City. (Photo: AFP/Jean Francois Monier) A small aircraft carrying Cardiff's record million (US$19 million) signing from his former club Nantes in France to Britain, disappeared from radar on Jan 21, two days after he signed for the Premier League club. The player's body was recovered on Feb 7 from the submerged wreck of his plane in the Channel and his funeral was held on Saturday in his home town of Progreso in Argentina. The body of pilot David Ibbotson has not been found. Cardiff have so far refused to pay the first instalment of the fee, believed to be million, as they await the results of a probe into the causes of the crash.

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