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Headphones buy wow gold have benefit from improvement in design and engineering. No longer do people have to settle for simple little earbuds decorated with hazy covers that crunch and die within a few weeks.

Ideally a pair of high end headphones should have nice design and features to match the price tag. Ultimately more money can also give you features like wireless audio, noise cancellation, detachable cables, and so on. We're not advising here that you should look for wood trim and metal, but a pair of pricey headphones should give you sense that they can take a bit of a beating, and they should feel soundly built from the inside out.

1) Dr Beats Headphones Ideal for music lovers: It delivers high quality stereo sound with attacking bass. It has passive noise isolating design, these black Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless headphones filter out external noise and retain the originality of the music played. Find here some of the best beats earphones india.

5) Corsair Vengeance headphones for gamers: Corsair Vengeance is a headset that features finely tuned 40mm audio drivers and a high quality noise cancelling mic for clear unambiguous audio. USB and analog connectors are provided for convenience and compatibility with both PCs and Macs. Optimized HRTF technology provides positional audio cues for immersive gaming. Large 50mm audio drivers tuned for tight bass response. Noise cancelling mic.

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