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I would appreciate it if people have been through terrible things and they don't want to watch this film, that's a good idea. But "Oh, I don't want to see that because it destroys my coffee after the movie. And I don't want to think about that, I want to think about what I'm going to buy on Ebay"? That I have an issue with.

This thesis is of originality and value as it is the first piece of research to explore whether older male prisoners are satisfied with quality of life (QoL) and wellbeing and if the most appropriate prison regime for an older prison population could be identified. The thesis offers the most recent insight into the experience of being older in prison across three prison regimes, high secure, training, and open.A mixed methodology explored older male prisoners' satisfaction with QoL and wellbeing and is the first research study to adopt this approach with an older prison population. The mixed methodology consisted of two phases, the first phase, a quantitative questionnaire to assess QoL and wellbeing was circulated to all older male prisoners aged 50 years and over across three prison regimes. The quantitative results were then analysed via descriptive and inferential statistics. The second phase, qualitative interviews with older male prisoners and prison staff, explored their experiences of being older in prison and aspects of prison life that reduced and increased their satisfaction with QoL and wellbeing. Interviews were then analysed using thematic analysis.The main quantitative findings suggest older prisoners are more satisfied with their QoL and wellbeing in an open prison regime than training and high secure. The main qualitative findings illustrate aspects of humanity and the opportunity to promote positive identities contribute to a good QoL and high wellbeing in the older prison population. However, the experience of constraints within the prison regime limits older prisoners' potential and subsequently reduces their satisfaction with QoL and wellbeing. These original findings are discussed in reference to previous academic literature on older prisoners and recommendations for prison policy are made to ensure older male prisoners are located within an age appropriate prison regime that accentuates the positive aspects of being older in prison.

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