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[Help] buy cheap wow gold Contacting Upper Management/Executives Originally, I thought "Hey, that youtube video of multiboxing to level up characters looks pretty fun". So I decided to create multiple accounts. I would be contributing more money to Blizzard for the game I loved. However, I gave them pen names with the following in mind: 1) Harder for my accounts to become hacked/stolen if I use different names as hackers would need my full name to illegally accounts. 2) It adds a extra layer of protection to keep my account secure. (Kinda just the same point as 1.) All of my accounts new and old got banned, for the same reason. Trading "items" and "gold". I haven't even got the chance to reach level 90 or level any professions to make any real gold or find good items. Nor have I traded on any of the new accounts in any shape or form, including AH, Face to Face, and Mail/CoD. I pointed out that fact and the GM seemed upset I pointed out a blatant clear error that made it impossible for my accounts. He acts of friendly at the start, keep in kind for some reason the live chat had a que of several hours this entire day and everytime I tried the phone line, it was busy. Instead he asks me what I was doing, I told him multi boxing. He then proceeds to replace multi boxing with powerlevel and that I was being paid to do such. I swear, even in court I could say I did not receive any compensation what soever to level up any of my own accounts. I tell him again and again, these are my accounts and the billing information, birthday, and security question all match. He tells me this account is not yours, it's Stalking Aliens account. The more awful part is in the midst of all this he does not lock any of the accounts, despite stating I am not the owner and acknowledging I have access to the account, which is not entirely true, because I do have access, but I am the owner. So he clearly does not care about the account and is neglecting the account safe per his own statements. The only time he decides to lock my accounts, the ones in my name is after I contacted him after he ended the chat without a resolution after waiting hundred or more minutes for him and speaking for a good half hour to an hour saying he lied and told him the proof was he didn't lock the account I just contacted him about. This is not questionable, but rather suspicious. And does not lock the other accounts not in my name, despite saying numerous times I have had access to those accounts, which I've mentioned previously. I have all the keys, original email name, all blizzard emails, exact time date registered, location, ip, billing information, transaction id, order id, character names. I know I have given out the name on my account, but this is only because I feel it is required to make my point and only occurred after and due to this GM. The GM abruptly and rudely ended chat, because he couldn't handle what I told him, I was polite and no swear words were used. Then marks my ticket as "Answered" So I am about to say okay, karma will get back to him. Boy was I wrong, he was spiteful and had some anger issues. Locked my all my accounts, even non banned ones in my name and every ticket I open to unlock them get closed no response to them. One ticket I tried to use to make contact did not get a response and was closed 5 times in only a few hours. THIS IS NOT COOL TO BE PERSONALLY ATTACKING ME BE IT BY HIMSELF OR WITH CO WORKERS. I didn't get the chance to say bye and let him know person to person before I complain about him how I felt about the way he treated me. Shortly after, he just ignores my questions and keeps insisting he will end chat and he does so even though I told him my issue was not resolved and I still required assistance multiple times. I don't see a option in the current support site page for reporting a Game Master for misconduct, as I want a investigation by both a internal and external team. As I don't want any other player to have to suffer this horror I suffered. Let me know everywhere I could complain against this misconduct. Not once in my life has any customer rep acted so negligent and cruel in my years of playing videos games. I just recently moved back from League of Legends to WoW due to the community in WoW being better. BUT NEVER once did the Riot Staff cause me so much frustration as I experienced this day. I will never forget this, I can forgive, but this is too much. I mean people in WoW, especially when you join a guild have rules like treating others with respect. to be disrespected by a "Game Master" I just wanted to enjoy an adventure in a virtual fantasy world after a long day of school at college when I'm done with my work. I can not access any of my accounts at this point nor am I able to contact them. They real have their thumbs up their arase at this point thinking they are banning a chinese powerleveler. and that I would be buying more accounts. I am seriously considering to revoke all my payments as I have no access to the game with any of my accounts due to these. I swear even in court I can say the account I was leveling was mine and not some ones elses. name Stalking Alines. I don't have a job, I'm a full time student, just wanted to have some fun without involving beer. I don't know what I need to do. I saw in the news recently, a guy was compensated 5 million due to a company's actions causing him to attempt suicide and permanently disfiguring his face. Do I have to do that or something equal or greater than that extent to show you I really needed your assistance Blizzard and not your disrespect? I know it's not right to think that way, but I did not have any intention to end my day with such a thought, it only occurred after this GM and possible his co workers ignored my hours of attempts to contact them and receive the assistance they could have provided. I know some people will disapprove my post and some may even support. But the bottom line is, I thank all of you for taking the time to consider or even read my full post. laws and regulations, which may be different from the laws and regulations of your home country. By registering for this service, you are consenting to this collection, storage, and use.
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