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The Warriors have taken the first two games of this series by a combined 41 points, but they won the first rs gold for sale two of the Finals last year at home by a combined 48 points and we all know what happened next. So perhaps the Cavs still have a shot, although there one big difference from this year to last: Golden State has Kevin Durant now and is on an NBA record 14 game playoff winning streak.

The characterization and public release of genome sequences from thousands of organ isms is expanding the scope for genetic variation studies. However, understanding thephenotypic consequences of genetic variation remains a challenge in eukaryotes due to the complexity of the genotype phenotype map. One approach to this is the intensive study of model systems for which diverse sources of information can be accumulated and integrated. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an extensively studied model organism, with well known protein functions and thoroughly curated phenotype data. To develop and expand the available resources linking genomic variation with function in yeast, we aim to model the pan genome of S. cerevisiae. To initiate the yeast pan genome, we newly sequenced or re sequenced the genomes of 25 strains that are commonly used in the yeast research community using advanced sequencing technology at high quality. We also developed a pipe line for automated pan genome analysis, which integrates the steps of assembly, annotation, and variation calling. To assign strain specific functional annotations, we identified genes that were not present in the reference genome. We classified these according to their presence or absence across strains and characterized each group of genes with known functional and phenotypic features. The functional roles of novel genes not found in the reference genome and associated with strains or groups of strains appear to be consistent with anticipated adaptations in specific lineages. As more S . cerevisiae strain genomes are released, our analysis can be used to collate genome data and relate it to lineage specific patterns of genome evolution. Our new tool set will enhance our understanding of genomic and functional evolution in S. cerevisiae, and will be available to the yeast genetics and molecular biology community.

Armed robbery has never been so romantic. The story arc of Yolanda and Ringo (two small time criminals) serves as the primary framing device for Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Following a romantic breakfast at a local diner, our love birds pull guns on the unsuspecting wait staff and patrons. It's a little pathetic as far as armed robberies go, but still plenty intimidating.

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