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It was basic enough to not impede raiding, but robust enough to deal with dual specs, auto ignore members who can't use certain items and kept a running list of who received gear that night. We only used it for a few weeks, but it received my approval. It does all the basics, rewards players for attending successful raids, tracks one's points for receiving gear and allows raid leaders to keep records of all the happenings.

Give up some runs and then we respond right back, Gray said. We give up another run and then we respond right back. That just kind of what we doing right now. "The teachers in school sometimes start to treat the boys as if they're always failing the standard and the standard is the way the girls act," he says. "I talk about this as the girls being the gold standard and the boys always being seen as being defective girls. ..

It feels like this is the first game their team has ever made. A common issue when coding a game you face as a dev is spaghetti code. When you dealing with spaghetti code any small change can have unpredictable consequences. This just shows your true colors. Doesn surprise me that you stuck up enough where you can admit you wrong. Or maybe you just don realize how un vanilla the situation you described is.

The Black Box Store's Retractable All in One USB Cable When my partner first brought this home, I thought it was the most ridicules way to spend $30, but today I'm here to tell you that this is the most ingenious gadget on the market today. Need a specific size USB adapter? This gadget's got it. With this handy tool you can fit any USB adapter into your computer..

Boston Police Department spokesman Mike McCarthy said there was no evidence that the boys were related. Police have investigated the possibility that they might have had ties to the Bronx, and detectives recently passed out fliers in New York seeking information. But McCarthy says the New York connection is unverified, and that detectives "won't rule out any avenues at any point.".

Why do the admins do this? For one, they left wingers themselves so it makes sense that they are pathetic enough to push their own agenda. Just look at how childish Spez used to act back in the day with his deleting of comments. That not CEO (or w/e his function was) behaviour..
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