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It's just like the Osrs gold
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This is not okay. It's just like the [url=https://www.rsgoldfast.com/]Osrs gold[/url] freedom timer that is telos, imagine if they had been to begin designing supervisors on the assumption you were using a screen reader to keep track of mechanics? Would this be an acceptable situation? I'm talking about the context of this specific discussion and why I personally am furious at jagex's behaviour on the problem, I wasn't saying you don't understand what you're talking about in general. You do not have to flex brother.

However, what if Jagex does it all, but then calls it a huge clue update that took massive dev time that clarifies no major updates/quest for months when it's really only a run of the mill patch week which happens to be dedicated to clues. With a lot of patch weeks hasn't the ninja team turned into the main devs and the huge content teams become those who sporadically throw out random upgrades (that the ninja group then must dedicate a complete patch week or 2 to fix that as well)?

So far as I can tell, easy/medium/hard all clues reveal the same icon, it is only elites/masters which may be pretty wonky because not only is there the regular clue icon, but the scanning clue and Eastern Lands clue exists as well. It'd be nice if these worked better.Honestly, together with how rare these appear to be, I'd be in support of eliminating Deep Wilderness scan completely. I have yet to receive this measure in over 500 elites (although I've received Wilderness Volcano about 5 times, but this is very easy to finish ).

The simple fact that Deep Wilderness's scan place is [url=https://www.rsgoldfast.com/]Buy Runescape gold[/url] very wide, together with the fact which you can't double surge/BD simultaneously, makes this hint an immediate skip. Wilderness compass clues are not this bad, because you can triangulate their position. Don't get me wrong, I am probably like among 10 individuals in runescape who actually enjoys hints, but wildy scan sounds like it adds nothing great.
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