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Cash with cash and bank column for March, 2015 : [16] 1. Cash in hand Rs. 400 and bank runescape gold Rs. 1,000. 2. Sold Goods to Suresh for Rs. 600 and received Rs. 400 in part payment. 5. Transferred Rs. 500 from private bank account to Business Bank Account. 10. Issued a cheque of Rs. 200 to Bharat Bansode Furniturre Works for the furniture purchased in the month of Feb. 2015. 12. Withdrew for personal use from Bank Rs. 100. 14. Issued a cheque to petty cashier for Rs. 175. 15. Withdrew for office use Rs. 500. 18. Suresh and Company informed that they paid directly into our bank account, the remaining balance account Rs. 200. 19. Bank collected interest on investments and credited to our account Rs. 200. Bank charged 1% commission. 20. Issued Goods against Fire for Rs. 40,000 and paid insurance premium 2% by cheque. 21. For cash sales received a cheque from M/s Manik and Sons for Rs. 500 and deposited into the bank account immediately. 23. Cheque received from M/s Manik and Sons was dishonoured. 25. Paid salary by cheque Rs. 300. 30. Purchased Govt. securities of Rs.

While the charter school law is a well meaning piece of legislation, intended to support educational needs in underperforming school districts, in certain situations it is siphoning money from existing Blue Ribbon Schools. With high performing schools, special schools such as foreign language immersion, is better served by the private sector. It is apparent that the current methodology for approving Charter Schools needs to be over hauled as the process for approving and funding Charter school's is not working, as well the expense to the current districts which support the schools is unfair.

A final problem with cherry trees is birds. This one you're not going to avoid "noways, nohow". You'll begin to think you're running an aviary instead of an orchard. So you do one of two things. Either you generously plant enough extra trees to feed the birds too, including some mulberries, which they like best of all, or you cover the trees with bird netting. Myself, I prefer birds to ghostly draped trees that vaguely hint of nature gone away on vacation. Commercial orchards employ an automatic cannon that goes off with an explosive bang but no ammunition scaring the birds away. If you work on the one for yourself, three for the basket principle, you might survive. Pick fruit for eating without stems. They won't keep as long, but it's less of a strain on the tree. Fruit for storage or sale should be picked with the stems. Use a light, twisting, upward movement to separate the stem from the spur. Be careful not to injure or break the spur . . . it's the source of your future fruit.

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