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NBA 2K20 issues do not improve Google Stadia reviews
Автор: SG cheappointssale
https://www.93ah.com/nba-2k20-vc-boosting/ Since the launch of Google Stadiathere is practically no day when we would not hear about new problems. This time there was no mistake regarding the latest version of the NBA 2K20 basketball simulator from 2K Sports. Although the problem is not with Google and the developer responsible for the game port for the streaming service of course reviews about Stadia are also not getting better.

From the beginning the essence of Google Stadia was the ability to play without having to install updates. However as it turns out someone probably forgot to mention this to the developers from the team responsible for NBA 2K20. After starting the game players are prompted with an update screen. The problem was reported by one of the users on Reddit. Google has assured that Stadia will reduce the need to download patches and patches because the latest version of each game will always be available immediately after launch. Unfortunately Google did not foresee that as every year 2K Sports will guarantee several irritating https://www.93ah.com/nba-2k20-vc-boosting/ problems in its basketball simulator.

The Google Community Manager has assured that the company is already working on a solution to this problem with 2K Sports representatives. Unfortunately but players waiting to fix this error will definitely have to wait at least a few days due to yesterday's Thanksgiving in the US. This should end with a quick fix but there is still some disgust. Despite the fact that it is not Google's fault representatives of the American company should make sure that everything works as well as possible. Although this is a small inconvenience it is also another example of how full of errors this year's NBA 2K20 is.

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