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I aware of the stats they post. You cant get any idea of a number from that without rs gold knowing how many unique accounts there are and how many are legit. You just making assumptions and throwing numbers around like most statistics. You could say the same about rs3 some months, look back at rs3 vs osrs numbers in june, july, august etc. The bans are actually about half. A lot of weeks rs3 was around 30 40k and osrs 60k. Rs3 even had 1 week with 117k bans. So when you compare rs3 generally have 20 30k online and osrs being around 100k, is rs3 60% bots also based off them numbers at that time? Not saying osrs doesn have a lot of bots, but they also have a ton of legit players. How many unique accounts do you think login in a given week vs rs3 of legit players? The difference is staggering I sure. Bigger game with more values will obviously have more bots. That also doesn mean botters. Those bans include gold farming alts from arena, people who exploited bugs etc, not exactly bots. Plus, even if 60% of the base were bots, its still would be a larger game than the more modern, up to date version, which still says a lot when a version from 10 years ago does better.

You didnt provide actual numbers, you provided a calculation derived from two other numbers that you estimated and didnt actually track. You conflate possibility with probability. If someone told you that they summoned ML Ken three times in a row, are you going to take their word for it because "tHaTs HoW rNg WoRkS"? Three rings in 2000 runs is so exceedingly improbable that it would be ridiculous to just take your word for it based on what feels right to you.

PFAS toxin levels decline in central Pa. community, more testing under way PFAS toxin levels decline in central Pa. community, more testing under way Drinking water systems aren't required to test for PFAS, a toxic chemical found in nonstick cookware and firefighting foam, but one local homeowner discovered it in his tap water.

What does that mean for society at large? The Center for Generational Kinetics has more than 100 high profile clients financial institutions, restaurants, car manufacturers, fashion retailers, education groups, tourism companies, policymakers who want to find out. And the sooner the better: This fall, the older members of Gen Z will be able to vote for the first time (only 26 percent of them say that they trust elected officials, according to the center's research). By 2019, tens of millions of Gen Z'ers will enter the workforce. And by 2020, the young adults will wield roughly $3 trillion in purchasing power.

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