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Both are action packed beat ups, both feature epic characters and both were at the Comic Con last week. I had wow classic gold a chance to play both of them, and for the life of me, I can decide which one I liked better. Both have their advantages (I couldn find much to criticize): God of War III is the finale with years of mythology and lore built atop it.

I've found that when I play the game, I tend to be a minimalist. Occasionally I like to build something like an underwater house, just for the 'ell of it and put a sim in there as a neighbor who gets invited to see the families I play. I sometmes forget about the odd houses and get a kick to learn that one is marrying and they have to decide where to live.

Nintendo, the world's biggest maker of video game machines, last year cut prices on its 3DS handheld device after shipments missed forecasts, handing the company its first annual loss. Like a character in one of Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros." games, Iwata is battling a storm of life sapping obstacles: shrinking hardware sales, more people playing on smartphones and the Internet, and uncompetitive costs."The Wii U's performance will be a gauge of whether there's still a need for consoles to exist," said Makoto Kikuchi, chief executive officer at Myojo Asset Management Japan Co., a Tokyo based hedge fund advisory firm. "If it doesn't go well, Iwata may have to find a new business model."That's something Iwata, 52, has vowed he won't do, making the entrance of the new Wii console a pivotal moment for the Kyoto based company.

Alberta Pianofest runs from Thursday until July 21 at venues in Edmonton and at Pigeon Lake. The event, organized by the Alberta Pianofest Society, is in its fourth year. The goal of Pianofest is to bring established artists and new players together in celebration of the wonders and beauty of classical music.

In her post, Hunt requested that community members contact UCPD to express concerns about policing and surveillance in residential communities and the use of excessive force. Hunt also expressed concern about the protocol that UCPD uses when dealing with incidents involving children and oppressed communities. Various activist groups shared Hunt post, including the DisarmUC Facebook page and Students and Workers Ending Racial Violence, or SWERV..

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