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Classic was groundbreaking and better than some other MMO
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Zaal anxieties that the nostalgic transfiguration of several players and a potential victory of WoW Classic can result in more and more cosmetic jobs and"the willingness of game designers to take risks with new games that are new sinks much further than already".

MMORPG expert Karsten Scholz does not believe in the success of WoW Classic. "The very fact that the Traditional servers will be a part of the Standard WoW subscription, is definitely a smart move from Blizzard.There are players of the current version, who play with their Classic character in fairly silent stages, instead of pausing the subscription Likewise, the Classic offering will drive some former players to subscription reactivation, who've turned their backs on the match in recent years." "Vanilla is too bulky for this, too uncomfortable and possibly too bothersome."

And what exactly does Blizzard say concerning the effect that nostalgia has on the WoW Classic project? Golem.de spoke to Lead Software Engineer Brian Birmingham and Senior Software Engineer Omar Gonzalez relating to this. The developers believe that nostalgia and fond memories of this vanilla age in WoW surely play an important part, with many gamers demonstrating an interest in Classic.

At that moment, he met with fellow guildmates dwelling in the same place after a Raid night at a regional 24-hour diner.

According to Blizzard workers, nostalgia is simply one factor in Vanilla-WoW's prevalence. The lack of fine tuning and lack of comfort features such as group searching for instances and raids would appeal to a special group of players that put a great deal of emphasis on the social element of an online role-playing sport.

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