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and its Western European allies. They logically conclude that a double standard is being applied: that Arabs and cheap runescape gold Muslims are considered a lesser breed, attitudes that are suspiciously analogous to those attitudes shared by an earlier generation of colonial masters. These populations have witnessed the attitudes of the West's Israeli friends, which are no different to those of the former white settler states in colonial Africa. The analogy becomes more convincing.

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I would like to see either a mini quest or short quest involving Aubrey and the dense essence blocks from Zeah and bringing it to him and/or more NPCs and creating a "pure essence block" to mine or enhance the mining at the normal essence mines, creating a "minnow esque" update to mining pure essence which would be 5k 15k mining xp/hr; 3k 6k pure essence/hr.

I would honestly be ok with the experience not being very good either, as I just want mining essence to be the best way to gather it, rather than slayer.Championship in New York and New Jersey died today after having a medical problem during the swimming portion of the grueling triathlon, race officials said.

Edit: An example of what I meant by "minnow" esque I meant something like adding a wizard next to where you mine the blocks to turn them into noted pure essence (5 for each block), the blocks have no use otherwise (does not effect RC exp/hr).Since the start of my ironman account I been continuously adding and deleting the lower class non ironman trash that plague this game into my ignore list in an attempt to have a safe sterile osrs experience.

Command Execution Time = Current Server Time Packet Latency Client View InterpolationThen the server moves all other players only players back to where they were at the command execution time. The user command is executed and the hit is detected correctly. After the user command has been processed, the players revert to their original positions.

This wastes valuable ticks and in turn wastes valuable ehp I could be gaining. It not really much of a problem in enclosed areas like when I doing slayer, but when I in places like the ge I have to ignore upwards of 50+ new players.Now you could be asking me: then why not turn public off exprosion? And my answer to this is very simple: what if a fellow ironman or ironwoman were to type something in the chat. Am I to miss out on potentially profound iron wisdom for the sake of normie trash? I think not.Anyways jagex the solution to this is very clear, that being allowing ironman accounts to have a limitless ignore list.Player like me are the lifeblood of the game jagex so I hope you heed my words and consider them carefully. You can just ignore all the non iron irrelevants which are sure to plague the comments of this post.
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