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posted by two lights above the sea to Work Money (12 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite and, in general, have a great learning experience. I'm also very interested, now that I've mentioned tuition, in studying at this university in a related field.Step 1: Do the job you were hired for well. Nothing else is going to happen if you don't do that.

Don't be afraid to ask someone (grad student, professor) how to do a certain task if you have a question. Be dependable and responsible.I apologize if some or all of this is too obvious or at all condescending:Do what you're assigned well. If you have nothing to do, ask for something to do. Don't try to read everything in the field. Very little can go a very long way:learn basic experimental design vocabulary factors,

levels of a factor, experimental conditions, counterbalancing, random assignmentlearn basic data manipulation in SPSS or R (whichever is used in the lab)learn to run and interpret t tests, one way and factorial ANOVAs, multiple regression analyses, and correlations. You are probably a little out of place in a lab full of undergrads, so do your best to act like you're there for a reason.

Rock that annotation. Rock it hard. Be ready to start and all set up five minutes early, but punch in (or the equivalent) exactly on time. When you are on the clock, you cost money. And spend the first few months watching your lab and paying attention to the dynamics.this is if you are a university employee, full time, non exempt, with benefits. This doesn't mean no off the clock reading;

I've never been in your exact position, but I have been consistently surprised by how helpful professors tend to be when you have a genuine interest in learning what they're teaching. So it couldn't hurt to ask about auditing. You at least have a good story as to what you want to do and why. I'm not sure if I would e mail or just sit in on the 1st lecture and ask the professor in person afterwards.I wasn't even good at asking my dad for my allowance(if they are too hard, try reading a few review articles for the first few months)I'd also read a few papers that your PI wrote, and any papers that any PhDs or postdocs in your lab wrote.I got my bachelor's in psychology from a school that isn't known for much. There were a lot of people taking psychology classes, and a lot of them seemed to be either the smartest kids I knew or the dumbest. You have an interest in the more scientific aspect of psychology, which will already give you intellectual points with the faculty.
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