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The more you and your members play, the more points they get. All those points add up and improve your clan runescape gold rank and give you clan points. xBKforever EDIT: Also for every 500 exp you get in one server you get 1 clan points. You would then have to start back at 0 even if u went back into the same server. The fastest way to obtain clan points, however, is to clan war. (MORE)

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Unfortunately, there are no maps you can buy in the game to aid you in finding the feathers. The best way to go about getting them is going to google and typing in Assassin's Creed feather maps. Crossing off the locations as you go is your best option. But be wary. If you miss even one and cross it off, you will have to go through them all over again.

There is a reward for acquiring all of the feathers: The Auditore Cape. Unfortunately, if you wear it outside of Monteriggioni, you will immediately become notorious. (MORE)How do you join a clan in crossfire?How do you earn clan points in Crossfire?How do you join a clan on Crossfire?and u can also go into clan wars but u can only fight other clans if you are in one or are ranked high enough. (MORE)

If you looked from the view points in each city, the shops will be located. Visit the D'arte shop and purchase a treasure map if one is available, if not, continue along the story, which is the only way to unlock certain parts of the city and other cities. Now, as for getting through those secret areas. I hope you are familiar with Prince of Persia structure climbing puzzles.

When you have all six seals, take them through the secret bookshelf passage directly opposite the Codex Wall in the villa. Mario will open this area once you learn of Altair and take you down to the awesome and locked away Armor of Altair. Place the seals in their appropriate slots to unlock the gate and look swank in your new black robe. Which I don't really understand fully because, as I recall, even at the end of AC

Is assassins creed brotherhood the same as assassins creed 2?It is essentially 2.5. Don't consider it a half as good as the old one because it is just as if they made a third, except they only start a new number with a new ancestor. They stayed on Ezio's case for another game to elaborate on his story. Either way it is an amazing game. (MORE)Is altair in assassins creed 2?Indeed he is. Altair isn't only the main character who was involved in the beginning of the storyline, he appears throughout the series. However as you should know, the main character II, Brotherhood, and Revelations is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He has a dream of Altair and Maria (his lover) , during this period you can play as Altair. You can have a fight with one of the classic templar knights too with the new combat system which is quite fun. The dream ends when you have to take Leap of Faith into a haystack. (MORE)
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