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How to Fight The Crassian Leviathan with Up to 7% off runescape store Mar.3-Mar.11?
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There are about 20 of them. Once they are all dead pick up any money they drop and get back in the runescape gold RV. Drive back to Trevor's meth lab, and don't worry about the Lost gang at the trailer park when you drive past there. Just gun it to the meth lab and park in the yellow marker. Alternatively you could ignore ALL of the Lost members that respond and just drive straight to the meth lab.
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Get in your car and drive to the entrance of the road with the Dominator. Take cover behind your Personal Vehicle and shoot the gang members in the immediate vicinity. Others in the area will grow hostile; keep an eye on your surroundings. Once the immediate area is clear head up the street. You can either jump in the Dominator and speed off, or you can finish off the rest of the enemies.

Deliver the Dominator to the dealershipOnce you get in the Dominator four SUVs with Vagos (two each) will appear. Either speed off or fight them, but be liberal with your Grenades. You might blow up your PV if it's still parked down by the intersection. Once you get to Simeon's park in the yellow marker.

(You could do this mission at Rank 10 using the Special Carbine, Bullpup Rifle, and/or the Marksman Rifle. However I recommend waiting until Rank 15 to unlock Grenades first. Not required but more explosions are always more fun.)Personal Vehicle recommended: After patch 1.29 a Buzzard, Savage, or Hydra plus a fast land vehicle

Best Place To Launch Mission: The Ammunation in Sandy Shores.Drive toward Sandy Shores Airfield and call Pegasus along the way. Order your Buzzard Attack Chopper, Savage, or Hydra so that it will be ready by the time you get to Sandy Shores Airfield. Fly toward Fort Zancudo.

Lock onto the Titan pane and blast the informant's plane out of the sky. It typically takes two or three hits. Also press in on the Left Stick to lower the landing gear. This will slow your speed down enough to set up a good bombing run (if you want to use the Cannons instead while flying the Hydra).Now just fly to hold on text message.Jump out of your Lazer, skydive down to the ground, pick up the briefcase, and have Lester "Remove Wanted Level".
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