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GuildsI explored buy wow gold cheap online to see what other people were saying about guilds in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. There is some general information on the different types of guilds, but not a whole lot of tips on choosing the right guild for you. In this guide I will discuss how guilds are created, designated purposes of different guilds, and how to find a guild which will satisfy your needs as a player.

A guild can be whatever the creator of the guild wants it to be. Individuals can pay gold in game for a charter to create groups in which they can invite other players to join. Every guild name is required to be unique. Each guild can create their own tabard for guild characters to wear in order to represent their loyalty if they choose. There are several benefits to joining a guild including access to new mounts, battle standards, perks such as mass resurrection (including classes without abilities to resurrect), access to guild achievements, and a place to talk to friends or become organized and unite as a group to rise to various challenges such as raids and battlegrounds.

There are advantages and disadvantages in each guild type. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your gaming experience, one guild may be just what you need. Many players find the need to switch guilds later on if they feel their needs are not being met or if their gaming interests have changed.

Player Versus Player is a style in which players focus on battling other players rather than against the computer / in game environment. Battlegrounds focus on many players from the Horde against the Alliance battling for resources to earn honor points or tokens specific to that battleground. Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are battleground zones which can be controlled by the victorious faction for a set period of time. Wintergrasp is a zone in which a PVE raid becomes available to the victorious faction opening up new ways to receive in game loot and achievements. Arena matches only involve a few players rather than a battleground army.

Arena teams build up points each season in an attempt to build a high score. Conquest points can also be earned through arena teams which allow the purchase of higher quality PVP gear. Arena groups can be created in 2's, 3's, or 5's. Finding a good match for arena teams can be difficult. PVP specific guilds will focus on helping you become a better PVP player. A casual pvp guild will let you learn and develop as a player at your own rate. Progression PVP guilds may be more strict and only allow top notch or dedicated players to join. A dedicated player may not feel that they are being challenged in a casual guild.

Player versus environment guilds include a group of players who play against the computer. Raids reset weekly and heroic dungeons are reset daily. PVE gear and other rewards such as mounts and achievements can be awarded from completing PVE dungeons and raids by destroying high level bosses as a team. Better gear means a better gear score. In PVE, higher quality raids yield higher quality rewards, and a minimum gear score is needed to make specific dungeons available to your character. In the Looking for Raid or Dungeons section of your group finder a minimum gear score is sometimes required. If you are a part of a raiding guild, this is less of a concern.

A PVE guild will typically run dungeons and raids together and can enter these without having a minimum gear score. Depending on your guild's loot system, the guild master may decide to designate loot for certain players based on need, use a point system, or award loot to players who have been associated to the guild for a longer period of time and have dedicated themselves to the guild. Casual raiding guilds may not raid as frequently as progression guilds and may not complete the end game content as fast. However, most casual guilds also don't require constant participation.

Progression guilds typically require your participation to keep you in the guild. These guilds will keep members who they can trust to show up on time, go above and beyond to help their guild members by providing potions and food for raiding, and who perform to the best of their abilities during raid encounters. If you do not meet these requirements you may be removed from the guild or simply not invited along for the guild raid.

Role Playing characters are found mostly on Role Playing specific servers. RP Guilds are more interested in playing their characters as if they have put themselves into the game. If you are not interested in PVP and PVE acquirement of gear and other rewards and are more focused on the social aspects of the game and story building, this would be a great way to go. This is a very non competitive form of play. RP guilds have access to all other content just like any other guild, but may choose not to pursue it unless it fits into their story line.

Leveling guilds are a great way to group up with other guild members to help each other or be able to play together while accomplishing the same task. This would be a great choice for someone who likes focus on playing with their friends and not just focusing on achieving the end goal of attaining maximum level and pursuing end game content. Some members of leveling guilds will later move on to find specialized guilds and fill their niche, such as becoming a member of a more involved PVP or PVE guild. If you enjoy playing lots of different types of characters (also known as "alts" or "alternate characters") and enjoy the in game questing content, or if you simply want to see how fast you can level, this is a great way to do that with the benefit of having an in game social network.

Social guilds are similar to leveling guilds in the sense that they are built to play the game with others. However, the most important focus about a social guild is being able to make new friends and chat about different things. It is less focused on the actual game and more focused on building friendships, acceptance, and enjoying each other's knowledge or company. Other types of guilds are hybrids which allow a focus on, for example, PVE raiding but are comprised of people who have come from different walks of life who have similar interests or have become close friends in game or in real life.

Sometimes players feel like they need to choose between friends and game progression. Some guilds are built on close friendships and it can be hard to part ways and find a more progressive guild to satisfy your gaming needs. For others, they enjoy a progressive guild but simply do not have the hours to invest in raiding as frequently as they would like. Some players have personal interests such as grinding reputation or working on specific achievements not normally pursued by their guild.

If you are in a guild with friends and wish to stay there while pursuing more advanced content, consider networking with other guilds to see if you can tag along. If this isn't an option, you can try joining a new guild with the main character you want to progress with, and join your friend's guild with other characters, or "alts".

If you are in a progressive guild which demands too much of your time, try to talk to your guild master and work out a solution. Maybe raid dates and times can be adjusted, or maybe a second group can be formed to raid on different days. You may not be the only one who has a scheduling conflict. In fact, a second group could allow more game time for players who want to acquire better gear for their alts in a more casual way.

Are you interested in more than what your guild specializes in but don't want to switch guilds? Consider asking your guild master if there is a day and time not dedicated to raiding or other specialty activities in which you can host a guild event. Want help grinding reputation, or running old school dungeons and raids? Want to schedule PVP activities in a PVE guild? Want to have a day in your leveling guild dedicated to max level players? It could be as simple as creating a schedule. It may be that other members are excited to take part in your guild event.

If these methods fail, keep trying. You can always use the Looking For Group tool in game to create a custom group or join a pre made group. This may be a good way to meet new people who want to achieve the same goals as you do, without switching guilds.

A guild is nothing without its members. Check out the below videos for a humorous and sadly somewhat true videos about different types of players you may experience in World of Warcraft.

Although it seems like just a way to make fun of other players, it is quite relevant. No matter what guild you choose there will be many types of players you will be working with. For example, some progressive guilds may seem overly stuck up or so concentrated on progression they forget that there are real people on the other side of the monitor.

While there may not be anything you can do about other guild members who seem irritating, bizarre, or simply don't "click" with you, it's good to know what to expect. Many players may start their own guild, decide to avoid guilds all together, or may be more selective in what guild they choose based on the players associated with that guild.
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