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Use your zerk aura to fight araxxi 30 minutes every day. This way you will be able to camp araxxi on low rs gold enrages and after the aura is done and araxxis daily enrage is high you can move on to gwd2. Of course as you get experienced you can continue to camp araxxi at high enrages.

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This is a good melee araxxi guide. Use it as a reference.After araxxi enrage gets high move on to gwd2. In terms of money greg > vindicta > helwyr > twins. Do either greg or vindicta, twins aren worth doing. Greg is slightly better money than vindicta however he is significantly harder than the others so I would recommend vindicta.

I use live traps nowdays. Reason being I had a Rat I couldn catch that chewed a Jerry like hole thru the wall. No trap would catch him. So I set out a glue trap right by the hole. At 3 am I hear this God awful squealing squeak mix. I go in the bathroom and it a fucking enourmous gopher rat. It like small cat sized. Just one leg covered the mouse glue trap.

So now I have this ferocious creature stuck to the glue screaming like a woman. I have to kill it because I sure as hell not pulling that gnashing screaming thing off the trap. So how do you do this? Well I don want it to suffocate in a trash bag, that a little cruel. So I decided a baseball bat to the head would suffice.

I place this screaming thing in a bag and aim for the head. It screaming and thrashing. I hit it once and horrendous I being murdered screams come out. Then I hit it repeatedly fast and it screams die out like a fading song. So now I feel like I just killed someone and feel horrible but I couldn have the Godzilla of rats running around with my kids in the house.

For real now I not at the point yet that I would need more than the default amount of presets and all the problems and inconviniences that there are with them are kinda turning me away from them. Like if you put all your runes into a preset and use some everytime. It then fills your chat with a wall of red text that there are items missing. Or if your bank is almost full and you try to swap gear. There would be enough space if it just swapped items, but no it must first put them all in and then withdraw new ones.
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