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Hitler strength isn entirely in his vocal charisma although it is worth pointing out that he didn use a osrs gold microphone until the late 20s and thus obviously had some talent it was typically his sense of register that is most noted. I don mean this in the sense of rhetoric or politic, but in the literal sense of how he spoke, accent, pitch, slang, etc.
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Hitler speech and presentation was often mirrored to his audience he use old army slang and ham up his accent to Bavarian veterans, even though he was Austrian his accent was frequently mistook for Bavarian. To smaller middle class events at operas or balls he adopt a more moderate and quiet genteel way of speaking and allude to history,

classics or artists. When meeting with figures or people he knew to be patriotic or rural, he often adopt a simpler, working class way of dress and speak plainly. A decent amount of historians, especially Volker Ullrich, have focused on the differences between Hitler political appearances to large audiences (rallies for instance)

and his appearances at smaller events (balls, operas, etc) way down to his individual meetings with industrialists and prominent supporters. In essence, virtually every public or political appearance of Hitler was tailored extensively. More than oratory talent it was this political sense of register that makes Hitler stand out.

His larger speeches also tended to be constructed as performance. Quite famously, his body language and register would change from the beginning of his speech to the end. Starting less emotive, more restricted, and growing increasingly evocative and wild, and ending the speech with visceral emotion. Critically,

In these respects, while I don consider Hitler to be a genius public speaker he was a very good one. I say, further, that he had a very good political instinct. Although he is by no means the first or only politician to use the techniques above he was definitely one of the most practised. It is however important not to exaggerate Hitler oration or political acumen as some magical ability that allowed him to trick or manipulate the masses into swallowing Nazism,
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