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so I suppose it not too relevant in this case considering the change is still a buff in the same cases. I cheap rs gold would be interested in seeing how a more substantial armor purchase, say Ninja Tabis or a Guardian Angel, would affect things after all, if the enemy Zed has Duskblade at level 6 you bet your blue buff I getting a GA. ;)

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Don have any new advice to offer as everyone here seems to have covered everything, but I just wanted to offer hugs and my sincerest apologies to you and your kids. This honestly brought me to tears and I can imagine how hard it must be for you to go through this while grieving :/

You body is not a trash can, don treat it like one" when wanting to eat leftovers before they go bad despite not being hungry. Hope this helps :)

MIL truly is a cold hearted, selfish bitch; she isn just rocking the boat, she thrashing it violently. If she actually cared about the children, she would be working WITH you, not fighting you. You and your kids don need her shit and stress in your lives, I hope the lawyer gives the OK to move so you can have peace and never speak to her again.

Be SUPER careful around her when it comes to food. There so, SOO many posts here where MIL/mom puts the allergen in their food to "test" them or prove that they faking the allergy, then lo and behold the person goes to ER, and in a few very tragic stories, the victim dies. One JNGMIL here killed legit murdered one of her twin granddaughters by putting the allergen in her meal,

because she didn believe the one twin had an allergy, to name one of many stories. Another was the OP was allergic to a kind of metal (I think nickel?) and the MIL put a friggin nickel bracelet in the OP soup soon after being told nickel gives OP a bad reaction. I wouldn eat anything she cooks, or keep some on the side as evidence and all the texts saying she was told you extremely allergic. Call me paranoid but better safe than sorry when it life vs. death.

I completely understand the tendency to eat food if it just there, especially leftovers. Also growing up poor we never wanted to waste anything, and now that I have more access to food I started to gain weight from trying to finish off everything. Even if you not trying to lose weight, r/loseit has been a HUGE help in trying to get rid of the habit of eating too much, as well as the quote "
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