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Maplestory M Experimental Accession
Автор: US Sletrry
Sometimes people surprise you in the ways that are most interesting. I have had my guild and I browse the bbs of the people and the past . 1 individual has passed on from a car crash since then. She had been like a sister to my boyfriend.

She had such a beautiful heart. I look at it and her main was kept by us from the guild and think of all the things that might have been. She had been smart sad she had her entire life before her. However, we must always remember the great times. Live on . Your friend is watching you over , as mine is currently seeing over my bf.

I'm sick to death of visiting hackers and botters all. The majority of them are slayers. Several times I have been outside Ellinia or Edelstein and have jumped to channel, locating two or 1 bots on literally every channel in certain maps.

I understand Nexon does not cope with botters very well, and that's another problem altogether, but I had an idea on how to possibly limit their creation. 99% of all botters I see have titles using a random string of characters and numbers. Couldn't you implement a text filter when someone attempts to make a character and block the character based on that to recognize strings?

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