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Passengers panicked after Carnival cruise ship tipsPORT CANAVERAL, Fla. A technical malfunction runescape gold caused a Carnival Cruise to tip on its side, evoking panic in many passengers.According to People, theCarnival Sunshine ship tipped on its side Sunday night after a switchboard malfunctioned.
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didn't think anything of it, since it's not uncommon for ships to rock back and forth. But it didn't rock back, passenger David Crews told the outlet, kept leaning. Plates and silverware started sliding off the tables. Then the tables themselves started to slide. Glasses and plates started to fall and shatter. At this point, it was pure chaos. Screams. Cries. Panic. were shared on Twitter showing supplies and dishes crashed to the floor after the tilt.

This is the inside of the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship on Sunday evening. The ship reportedly continued as normal afterwards."There was never any issue with the safe operation of the ship, and our officers quickly intervened to correct the situation," Carnival released in a statement to People.

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"I was shifting, falling out of my seat," a passenger named Kyla Williams told People, "This was very much the ship rolling to one side and everything falling down from that, and it was something you'll never forget."Williams reportedly had to have her husband hold her up so she fall. an apology, Carnival reportedly gave guests a $50 on board credit, but many guests still opted to leave the ship early.

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editors note: In a previous version of this story we misidentified another Carnival cruise ship receiving complaints from passengers. The passenger was referring to the Vista not the Sunshine.
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