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It pretty nicely directed. An example would be Honoka pitching of her Idol idea interspersed osrs gold with the student council president being talked down by the teacher. Another neat detail is that the school isn shown to be crowded, because they lack the student numbers. I fucking hate the CG. I never get over it.

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Its because the seniors know how long something takes, and what is needed ahead of time. The people bellow get the orders after the design is done by these people. Each senior has a small group of people they manage. Seniors/Designers usually hold meetings on a regular basis. Comments should be on topic and contribute to the conversation.

The reason its flex is because the seniors have enough experience to allocate assets to the rough work hours required, it also helps juggle family life meaning less stressed and more productive employees. I suggest those of you with fond memories of the original (I never played) keep those, and skip this one.

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I also assume co workers communicate when they need to collaborate also.Theres no PVM content that needs to be locked behind slayer. We just do it because it gives us the illusion that we progressed to kill it.In theory it sucks, but it drives training combat and getting resources to progess your character in multiple ways, its a glorified combat training repeat quest simulator.
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