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Maplestory 2 The Marvel Machineis Back
Автор: US Sletrry
If battling, or grinding or trading is not your style, then you can still build your luck by doing quests that range from helping an NPC get a health potion into doing a serious job in different maps that will benefit you with mesos and occasionally equips.

For Maplestory, you've got a bigger assortment of alternatives in which you'll be able to increase your fortune, the most basic one being training and mobbing your way up to being wealthy.

There are maps with critters that move from level 1 up to 250 and based on the level of the monster you're hunting they could fall 1 Meso around approximately 50,000.00 Mesos for 1 Dragon. Because Maplestory is very large so is that the spread of choices to get your fortune.

There's more time required to invest in Maplestory doing tasks similar to Maplestory M to get profits or exactly the very same results. Because of the community being bigger in Maplestory you need to fight your way into the market to sell your precious equips.

You will need to group together with other players to get to those high tech maps and get uncommon equips, you need to go to different continents or worlds simply to complete 1 part of a pursuit and you likely have to spend some real money to have a gain along with your items.

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