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Do you have to drop the blue sniper in advance so you can pick it up to an empty slot? And now buy runescape gold you have a double barrel shotgun on a sniper slot and you find a heavy sniper. Picking it up would drop the drop the double barrel even tho you wanted to get rid of the tactical shotgun. Or does it drop the tactical since it more common than double barrel? But now you have shotgun on a sniper slot and sniper on a shotgun slot.
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Now i dont know maths, but there is probably millions on potential loadouts, and getting this to work without it fucking up someones loadout is nearly impossible.Hi everyone! I have some noob questions about Forsaken1. Are year 1 exotics still useful, and if so, which ones should I spend the resources to upgrade them for 500 power?

2. What new legendary weapons are worth keeping, and which perks should I look for?3. I done the main campaign and unlocked the dreaming city, what next?Theres so much new content, all these bounties and quests scattered around every vendor is a bit overwhelming. I don play that much so I not quite sure how I should invest my limited time to play

Just a quick reminder of the possible lures happening in the abyss. Basically if someone wants you to tele away from abyss for one reason or another, it very likely a lure. It could be some dick crashing you, someone offering to buy some of your runes for a good price, some noob just asking for help in edge, pretty much anything. When you leave, they expect you to come back, and thats when there someone waiting for you in the wild.

When is your child ready to be toilet trained?As a parent, part of toilet training tips is for you to have the ability to tell whether your little angel is about to poop or to urinate. Most kids scrunch up their noses, are not able to stay in one place, make grunting noises, etc, when they need to go to the bathroom. Of course, when children tell you that they are about to pee or to have bowel movements,

Tip C: Another step to toilet train your child is to show him/her dirty diapers, then, empty the poop contents into the potty chair, then, dump those contents into the toilet bowl, and then, flush. This will make your little one understand where he or she must poop, and what he or she must do after pooping.
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