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Last year, on a cloudy Thursday in March, Alicia died. Katherine won't talk about it, today or any day. Not runescape 2007 gold talking about it means she doesn't need to think about it, except when the house is quiet and the thinking just seeps in. She doesn't tell her friends how it feels. When she's asked about it, she crumples. Her shoulders hunch, her eyes well, but no tears fall on her cheeks. Please, she would say if she were reading this, go back to talking about her phone.

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Her floor is a tangle of clothes, and her bed is a tangle of cords. One for her phone, one for an iPod, one for her school laptop, and one for the laptop that used to belong to her mom, Alicia.meaning they are approved by both sheand her friends: Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid, Sprite, quesadillas from Chipotle filled only with cheese.

A pink blanket with Alicia's name on it lies across her comforter. A black and white photo of her mom on her wedding day sits on her desk. In a frame on her nightstand, handprint art they made together one Mother's Day. Now, Katherine's handprints are almost as big as her mom's were.

The breast cancer appeared right after Katherine was born. It went away, then came back when Katherine was in third grade. In fifth grade, Alicia and Dave bought Katherine a cellphone, in case things took a turn. She was one of the first in her class to own one.She signed up for Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter and VSCO. She stopped inviting friends to the house, because her mom was there, sick.
Tonight, Indie Memphis presents the 15th anniversary screening of Morgan Jon Fox's debut film, Blue Citrus Hearts. You can read all about the history of one of the most significant indie films ever made in Memphis here, in my film feature for this week's Flyer.In a late add to the program, Fox's film with be proceeded by a rarely seen short masterpiece by Tommy Foster. "This Must Be My Lucky Day"

Matthews and his team, Nubia Yasin and Justin Thompson, captured the stories of Binghampton families who are being displaced in the aftermath of the 2016 transformation of Lester Middle School and East High School into charter and STEM schools. Matthews says that what was being sold as a way to improve inefficient public schools has instead turned out to be a way for real estate developers to exert pressure on residents of a community who have been deemed undesirable.
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