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Try to draw now, if its not instant, try to wiggle your hand and find the sweet spot where you feel like your getting a hit. This might work and its helped alot of ppl. Goodluck and lmk.They also said the caf would encourage more people to cycle.In my experience not, the Looking for Team channel gets a message every hour or so, and thats just one. Half of those require kc, and the other half is 1 person trying to find a team. WDR2 has the flaws that OP described.

WDR1 is the complete opposite, its active, a lot of messages every 5 minutes, and generally no kc requirement.To learn ToB i had to rely on people who already had a lot of kc to guide some of our team to learn the minibosses.There just no real helpers for new people. Even the mentors in WDR2 don post any learner raids like they do in WDR1.

I can fully agree with OP that its very very hard to learn. Personally i have 3 friends who were also interested and we consistently got to Verzik with full supplies. But at Verzik we ran into the problem that if just 1 person dies at P1 or P2 you can and i mean CAN finish p2. The healers just heal her too much, and if you kill the healers you wasted so much time that she will almost immediatly spawn new ones.

And the most important thing: There only 3 YT guides on ToB.These guides were all made around release date so are horribly outdated with tactics and gear.You not making any sense. "You just have to be better at the game" You can just be better at the game like this snap. It requires practise. "You have to get better and finish raids instead of wiping"

Thanks i hadn figured that out, like i said before, we got to Verzik consistently but the problem was when 1 person died for us. It would make it impossible to beat. And if your 400kc friends team up and take low kc ofcourse they finish the raid. Theyve got 400 raids 2 kc in experience while we had 1 or 0 kc experience. Maybe a general assumption but they also most likely have a scythe or rapier, or use bp at healers ( like james suggested ).
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