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Boys are sometimes dirty, stinky and loud, but that doesn mean they belong on Santa naughty list this year. But what do boys really want for Christmas this year? There are quite a number of great new toys that he might like, but your little boywants the BEST new toys. With toys, innovation is the most important aspect. If a new toy doesn bring something new to the table,

While the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster is the top Nerf toy for girls this year, the Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone takes the cake for the boys. The TerraDrone has a remote controlled dart shooter that fires up to 12 elite darts up to 45 feet away. It can traverse all kinds of terrain, rotates 360 degrees and has an adjustable blast angle for him to use to perfectly aim his shot.

Disney Infinityis one of the most innovative games in recent memory, and puts anemphasis on cutesy creativity, allowing your child mind to explore what Disney calls a toy box. Now, your boy will be able to play with his favorite Marvel Super Heroes in the Infinity world with the Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 edition, bringing all new adventures into the game with Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow,

We been waiting for the flying car for quite some time, and now we got one! The Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car drives on the ground and flies in the air, so your boy can do both. He be able to pull off cool tricks in the air due to the lightweight construction of the car. It flies up to 200 feet in the air, which is impressively high for a remote controlled plane in the price range.

There are literally endless options out there for LEGO lovers; there is a LEGO set for just about every movie and television show. But usually, those types of sets fall short on one thing actual LEGO bricks to build with. But the LEGO Bricks More Builders of Tomorrow set is the ultimate in LEGO building as it comes with 650 pieces, including all of the basic LEGO bricks needed to let their creativity flag fly.
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