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Then click on the moon, then Saturn, then the star, then the sun. The picture of the solar system will then cheap runescape gold open. Go inside. 5) The people inside this room are the people of The Order. Notice that the necklaces they are wearing are the same as the girl with all the black clothes on! These necklaces mean they are part of The Order. Talk to the people there until you find the one that has the key. (MORE)
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You first go to the library in the castle, and click the mcm part of the fiction area. Some stairs will come out, and you go down to the dungeon. There, you will find some moldy cheese, walk over and pick it up. Then go to the maids room in the castle, and set down the cheese. Then go to the place where the owl is, and release the mouse, and the owl will catch it. Then, the owl will follow you. :). The clue is in a note from the Princess's bedroom in the unreachable tower. To reach it: .

Bring it back to the castle and climb up to the crossbow archers. .Aim it up and to the left, and you will hit the Princess tower door. .Walk the tightrope across to it. .Go to the far left and you will get the note that suggests where the missing page to the journal is hidden. .Now you need to go back to the museum and on the upper level go to his bed. .

You have to click on the papers to get it. The missing journal page has the coordinates to the nearby moon, which you can reach with the saucer Excalibur. (They are X 56 Y 52 and can be entered in the ship's launch computer when it is refueled.) (MORE)What does Finding a needle in a haystack mean?It means a very difficult task. If you were trying to find a sewing needle

(a very small item) in a haystack (a very large pile of dry grass, about the size of a semi truck) that would be very hard to do, and a lot of work. Usually expressed as "you would have better luck finding a needle in a haystack than. . ." It means it is hard to do (MORE)How do you get the key to Mordred's underground laboratory on Astro Knights Island?

Get the key from the hooded fellow at far right. In More Detail You have to do some things before you actually get the key. 1) you have to get the "new password". Go to the castle and go inside the door on the left. the princess's servant girl will be in there. Talk to her and say "Where did you take the messages?" she will say that she put them in the fountain in main street.
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