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At the end of the 19th century, several companies were producing white flour, and the left over bran and rs gold germ were sold as cattle feed for extra profit (the livestock got the better end of that deal.). During the early 20th Century, there was a massive pellagra epidemic in the US and Europe. In America, the US Food and Drug Administration was created to investigate the cause.
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it was traced down to the use of white flour, that had little, if any nutritional value. The flour companies were called to task, but they were not willing to give up the lucrative cattle feed sideline, so they just added 14 nutrients back into the flour, just enough to prevent pellagra. They had removed over 75 nutrients, so the consumer lost out once again.

To further deceive consumers into thinking they were now getting the whole grain again, a tiny bit of bran, along with cellulose (sawdust, cleaned, of course.), and food coloring to make it brown, was added and it was marketed as 'Whole Wheat' with the FDA's approval. So, now you know that your 'whole wheat' flour is really just unbleached white flour with a little bran,

and sawdust added. It has a little more nutrition than the white, but far less than the whole grain. Due to space constraints, I cannot do a nutritional comparison of commercial flour vs fresh ground, because it would take several pages, but it is easy to look up online. Whole wheat has a little more vitamins and minerals, so if you have to choose between just those two, whole wheat is a better option.

There is a 3rd option. Some companies are now marketing a 'Whole grain' flour. This flour has the germ removed, but they leave the bran. The germ is what goes rancid. It is still way below the nutritional values of the whole wheat grain, but far better than the other commercial flours. If you do not want to mill your own flour, this is your best option. But do not confuse the 'Whole Grain' flour with 'Whole Wheat'. They are totally different.

If you are really concerned about your health, then get a grain mill and start milling your own flour. You won't believe the impact it will have on the way you feel. It also puts you in control of your food supply. If you have to use commercial flours, then try to stick to 'Whole Grain', or 'Whole Wheat', at the least. White flour is one of the most nutritionally vile and depleted foods ever marketed.
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