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[51] The Legislature of India is the bicameral Parliament, whichconsists of the upper house called the rs 2007 gold Rajya Sabha (Council ofStates) and the lower house called the Lok Sabha (House ofPeople).[52] The Rajya Sabha, a permanent body, has 245 membersserving staggered six year terms.[53] Most are elected indirectlyby the state and territorial legislatures in proportion to thestate's population.[53]
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543 of the Lok Sabha's 545 members aredirectly elected by popular vote to represent individualconstituencies for five year terms.[53] The other two members arenominated by the President from the Anglo Indian community if thePresident is of the opinion that the community is not adequatelyrepresented.[53] India has a unitary three tier judiciary,

If there are elections do not give votes to them. Do not create any distrubance in their work just do whatever they want. Votes which were needed to Britain to run their government ,so at that time Hindus refuse to vote even though they were jailed for not giving votes but Great Gandhi said we will make them run without violence. One day Gandhi succeeded and Britain said that we are not getting reply of Hindus so

In the back drop of the failure of Cripps mission, immediate Japanese threat, the British altitude towards the Indians who were left behind Burma and the prevailing anger and hostility to an alien and meaningless war Quit India Resolution was passed on 8th Aug 1924 at Gowalia Tank, Bombay. .

consisting of the SupremeCourt, headed by the Chief Justice of India, 21 High Courts, and alarge number of trial courts.[54] The Supreme Court has originaljurisdiction over cases involving fundamental rights and overdisputes between states and the Centre, and appellate jurisdictionover the High Courts.[55] It is judicially independent,[54] and hasthe power to declare the law and to strike down Union or State lawswhich contravene the Constitution.[56]

The role as the ultimateinterpreter of the Constitution is one of the most importantfunctions of the Supreme Court.[57] India consists of 28 states and seven Union Territories.[58] Allstates, and the two union territories of Puducherry and theNational Capital Territory of Delhi,
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