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Rainbow Six Siege has a bellend Issue
Автор: US Sletrry

First crimes used to only kick against players from a game, but will result in a matchmaking ban. The second offense matchmaking ban will increase from 30 minutes to one hour. The tiers will stay the same crime remains two hours, fourth is 24, and fifth is seven times.

"Originally, if a player was team killed in Casual," Ubisoft explains,"the offender was kicked from the game. The situation in Ranked could lead to a kick but also triggered an penalty. This was perplexing because it appeared like the group killing punishment was different between Ranked vs Casual."

This Y3S3.1 patch goes live , September 18 on PC. The group kill adjustment is the big news, while there are several other changes and bug fixes too. Most notable are an variety of fixes for Clash, such as problems like her having the ability to deploy a guard while crouched or firing her gun before it looks on screen.

If you wish to extend your cosmetic choices in Siege, follow that link for specifics.

The September set also comprises a legendary chibi charm, that thing. You can get everything by heading into the site, linking your Prime account with your Ubisoft accounts, and claiming the information there.

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