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If the talk page was particularly busy I'd support this idea, but currently it isn't worth having two bots. If there are osrs gold issues with stale threads they can be archived manually by cutting them out of the talk page and pasting them into the latest archive I sometimes do this when threads need to be archived and aren't being done fast enough. In this case, I'll probably do it tomorrow that thread's already a proverbial zombie, it just needs someone to bury it.

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I'm an administrator on the RuneScape Wiki, and I was wondering if it would be feasible to get us onto Google News. I asked around and someone said that you got WikiNews on there. Would doing this be possible on a wiki that is not completely news based? There are updates to the game the wiki is about every week or so, so we were wondering if we could get the pages related to those updates onto the news queue.

A is an enchanted Dragonstone necklace. You need 72 Crafting, 68 Magic, a dragonstone, a gold bar, necklace mould, a cosmic rune, 15 earth runes, and 15 water runes to make the necklace and enchant it. It starts with 4 charges and can be recharged at the Totem pole in the Legends' Guild (requires completion of Legends' Quest).

If you refuse, the guard will ask you to get him some blood from the . (Remember the blood types the guard asks for.) The trader will initially refuse as you don't have any money and will ask you to recover money for him from a . Use a on her to persuade her to give you (the local currency).

Para fazer um navio pira voc vai exigir um log, ou um arco ou um barril de plvora, um machado de cortar madeira e alguns ossos mastigados . Ossos mastigados so obtidos de mithril drages dentro daantiga caverna . Certifique se de que voc est usando ossos mastigados e no ossos mutilados , ambos parecem idnticos, mas se voc usar ossos mutilados um nvel 166 Esprito Barbarian ser lanado..

Lei de Snell Descartes: a frequncia e a fase no variam. Esse fenmeno foi estudado pelo fsico Thomas Young e representado em sua experincia junto ao de interferncia utilizado pra provar a caracterstica ondulatria da luz, como exposto no texto introdutrio deste captulo, veja a figura Fig. 1 da pgina , a da Dupla Fenda.
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