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Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It is a highly popular worldwide pop culture phenomenon, originating in Japan and achieving critical commercial success in the United States and elsewhere.[1] The animated television show from the Cartoon Network has spawned spinoffs in many different mediums,

including video games, DVDs, action figures, card games, books and clothing.[2] Naruto was among the top ten Internet searches in 2009, according to a Yahoo! source.[3] Books about Naruto have been on the New York Times bestseller lists.[4] The story is about Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja battling for recognition and aspiring to become the strongest ninja and leader,

Mr. Bradley of the pediatrics academy agreed that the virus is harmless for most. "But one in ten thousand will get into trouble," he said, adding that there is a slim but real chance that the virus can lead to complications like encephalitis, pneumonia and hepatitis.

as exemplified by four limbed vertebrates (tetrapods), over the last 375 million years. He is also interested in the origin and dramatic evolutionary radiation of dinosaurs and closely related fossil groups in the aftermath of the Permo Triassic mass extinction, the largest extinction event in the history of life on Earth.2006 NERC Research Assistant, Department of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum, London.2011.
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